CPDA-1 Blood Collection System

CPDA-1 Blood Collection Set with Sampling System Instruction for Use for Systems Containing a Y Sampling Site (YSS) or Sample Diversion Pouch (with or without a pre-attached Samp® Vacuum Tube Holder). Refer to unit foil package label for specific product… Continue Reading


CONTRAVE extended-release tablets contain naltrexone hydrochloride and bupropion hydrochloride. Naltrexone hydrochloride, USP, an opioid antagonist, is a synthetic congener of oxymorphone with no opioid agonist properties. Naltrexone differs in structure from oxymorphone in that the methyl group on the nitrogen… Continue Reading


15% CLINISOL – sulfite-free (Amino Acid) Injection Pharmacy Bulk Package is a sterile, clear, nonpyrogenic, hypertonic solution of essential and nonessential amino acids. A Pharmacy Bulk Package is a container of a sterile preparation for parenteral use that contains many… Continue Reading


CERDELGA (eliglustat) capsules contain eliglustat tartrate, which is a small molecule inhibitor of glucosylceramide synthase that resembles the ceramide substrate for the enzyme, with the chemical name N-((1,2)-1-(2,3-dihydrobenzo[b][1,4]dioxin-6-yl)-1-hydroxy-3-(pyrrolidin-1-yl)propan-2-yl)octanamide (2,3)-2,3-dihydroxysuccinate. Its molecular weight is 479.59, and the empirical formula is CHNO+½(CHO)… Continue Reading


DESCRIPTION: When dissolved in sufficient water to make 4 liters, the final solution contains 125 mEq/L sodium, 10 mEq/L potassium, 20 mEq/L bicarbonate, 80 mEq/L sulfate, 35 mEq/L chloride and 18 mEq/L polyethylene glycol 3350. The reconstituted solution is isosmotic… Continue Reading

Cromolyn Sodium

Cromolyn Sodium Ophthalmic Solution USP, 4% is a clear, colorless, sterile solution intended for topical ophthalmic use. Cromolyn sodium is represented by the following structural formula: Chemical Name: Disodium 5-5′-[(2-hydroxytrimethylene)dioxy]bis[4-oxo-4H-1-benzopyran-2-carboxylate] Pharmacologic Category: Mast cell stabilizer. EACH mL CONTAINS: Active: Preservative:… Continue Reading


Celontin (methsuximide) is an anticonvulsant succinimide, chemically designated as N,2-Dimethyl-2-phenylsuccinimide, with the following structural formula: Each Celontin capsule contains 300 mg methsuximide, USP. Also contains starch, NF. The capsule contains colloidal silicon dioxide, NF; D&C yellow No. 10; FD&C yellow… Continue Reading

Clemastine Fumarate

Clemastine belongs to the benzhydryl ether group of antihistaminic compounds. The chemical name is (+)-(2R)-2-[2-[[(R)-p-Chloro-α-methyl-α-phenylbenzyl]-oxy]ethyl]-1-methylpyrrolidine fumarate (1:1). Each tablet for oral administration contains 1.34 or 2.68 mg of clemastine fumarate. Inactive Ingredients: Colloidal Silicon Dioxide, Corn Starch, Lactose, Povidone, Pregelatinized… Continue Reading


Copper 0.4 mg/mL (Cupric Chloride Injection, USP) is a sterile, nonpyrogenic solution intended for use as an additive to intravenous solutions for total parenteral nutrition (TPN). Each mL of solution contains 1.07 mg cupric chloride, dihydrate and 9 mg sodium… Continue Reading


Cordran (flurandrenolide, USP) is a potent corticosteroid intended for topical use. Flurandrenolide occurs as white to off-white, fluffy, crystalline powder and is odorless. Flurandrenolide is practically insoluble in water and in ether. One gram of flurandrenolide dissolves in 72 mL… Continue Reading