Isradipine is a calcium antagonist available for oral administration in capsules containing 2.5 mg or 5 mg. The structural formula of isradipine is: Chemically, isradipine is 3,5-Pyridinedicarboxylic acid, 4-(4-benzofurazanyl)-1,4-dihydro-2,6-dimethyl-, methyl 1-methylethyl ester. Isradipine is a yellow, fine crystalline powder which… Continue Reading


INVANZ (Ertapenem for Injection) is a sterile, synthetic, parenteral, 1-β methyl-carbapenem that is structurally related to beta-lactam antibiotics. Chemically, INVANZ is described as [4-[3(3*,5*),4α,5β,6β(*)]]-3-[[5-[[(3-carboxyphenyl)amino]carbonyl]-3-pyrrolidinyl]thio]-6-(1-hydroxyethyl)-4-methyl-7-oxo-1-azabicyclo[3.2.0]hept-2-ene-2-carboxylic acid monosodium salt. Its molecular weight is 497.50. The empirical formula is CHNOSNa, and its structural… Continue Reading


INFeD (Iron Dextran Injection USP) is a dark brown, slightly viscous sterile liquid complex of ferric hydroxide and dextran for intravenous or intramuscular use. Each mL contains the equivalent of 50 mg of elemental iron (as an iron dextran complex),… Continue Reading


Eptifibatide is a cyclic heptapeptide containing 6 amino acids and 1 mercaptopropionyl (des-amino cysteinyl) residue. An interchain disulfide bridge is formed between the cysteine amide and the mercaptopropionyl moieties. Chemically it is N-(aminoiminomethyl)-N-(3-mercapto-1-oxopropyl)-L-lysylglycyl-L-α-aspartyl-L-tryptophyl-L-prolyl-L-cysteinamide, cyclic (1→6)-disulfide. Eptifibatide binds to the platelet… Continue Reading


INDICLOR Indium In-111 Chloride is a diagnostic radiopharmaceutical intended for radiolabeling ProstaScint (capromab pendetide) used fordiagnostic imaging procedures and for radiolabeling Zevalin (ibritumomab tiuxetan) in preparations used for radioimmunotherapy procedures. It is supplied as a sterile, pyrogen-free solution of Indium… Continue Reading

Ionite R

Ionite R Fluoride Oral Rinse is a flavored, pH neutral 2.0% sodium fluoride treatment rinse that aids in the prevention of dental decay. ACTIVE INGREDIENT: Sodium Fluoride, 2.0% INACTIVE INGREDIENTS: Flavor, Water, Sodium Benzoate, Sodium Citrate, Saccharin Sodium, Xylitol


IC‑GREEN™ is a sterile, lyophilized green powder containing 25 mg of indocyanine green with no more than 5% sodium iodide. It is packaged with Aqueous Solvent consisting of Sterile Water for Injection used to dissolve the indocyanine green. IC‑GREEN™ is… Continue Reading

Imipenem and Cilastatin

Imipenem and Cilastatin for Injection, USP (I.V.) is a sterile formulation of imipenem (a thienamycin antibiotic) and cilastatin sodium (the inhibitor of the renal dipeptidase, dehydropeptidase I), with sodium bicarbonate added as a buffer. Imipenem and Cilastatin for Injection, USP… Continue Reading

Irinotecan Hydrochloride

Irinotecan hydrochloride Injection (Irinotecan hydrochloride injection) is an antineoplastic agent of the topoisomerase I inhibitor class. Irinotecan is supplied as a sterile, pale yellow, clear, aqueous solution. Each milliliter of solution contains 20 mg of Irinotecan hydrochloride (on the basis… Continue Reading

I 123 Mini

Sodium Iodide I-123 (NaI-123) for diagnostic use is supplied for oral administration in a small opaque white gelatin capsule, which is placed inside a red and clear outer capsule. The capsules are available in strengths up to 10 mCi of… Continue Reading