Roger Love Review – The Perfect Voice (Incredible!)

I am so excited to be writing this review on Roger Love's vocal training program for speaking -The Perfect Voice. Why? Because I believe Roger Love is doing something great with the lives of so many people around the world right now. 

That sounds like a big statement. How can a vocal coach has such an impact in people lives? He's "only" teaching people how to use their voices. Isn't he? It's just the voice...

I believe the human voice is the most overlooked, yet most powerful tool a person can use to advance their life purposes. Roger Love is doing something I have always wanted to do - helping people achieve their purposes with the use of their voices!

I have written a review on Roger's singing program Roger Love Singing Academy a couple of years back. This time - I have found Roger Love extending his impact on a larger scale with his vocal training program for speaking The Perfect Voice!

“Roger Love is the world's number 1 vocal coach.”

Brendon Burchard

The Perfect Voice Review Summary


The Perfect Voice is a complete vocal training program especially designed for speaking by the world renowned vocal coach Roger Love.

Best For

Anyone who wishes to transform their speaking voice or fix their vocal problems such as stammering and weak voices.


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$97 USD

Complete Collection: $147 USD

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Who is Roger Love? The Most Inspiring Voice Coach in the World!

Roger Love was a student of legendary voice teacher Seth Riggs since his teenage years. What sets Roger apart from other vocal coaches is that he started teaching celebrity singers at a very young age, because Seth Riggs asked him to teach in his place while he was travelling.

Just to mention some of the big names in Hollywood that Roger has coached for singing- Chicago, Demi Lovato, John Mayer, Def Leppard, Maroon 5, the Beach Boys, and the list goes on and on...

What I mentioned above is just for singing, now Roger's impact has reached unbelievable scale when he started to coach the speaking voice. He has helped leaders in different industries including Tony Robbins, Simon Sinek, Brandon Burchard, Jay Abraham, John Gray, Chalene Johnson, etc.

But, Singing is different than Speaking...Nope, not according to Roger!

Given his background in singing, Roger Love is probably the most outspoken voice teacher to declare that "There's No Difference Between Singing and Speaking!" 

Of course, this is a pretty big statement that needs further clarification, but I agree with Roger Love at a physiological angle. You definitely use the same set of muscles to produce sound for singing and speaking. No doubt about that!

The only difference is singers are getting the best vocal training in the world while speakers in every area of life are getting very little, if any at all, vocal training. Roger has spot an extremely unfulfilled need in the market and has come out to fill that gap. 

We talk so much about singing in the proper way but never speaking with correct vocal technique. Let's face the reality - even for professional singers, we talk so much more than we sing! Why not train the speaking voice in a healthy way to extend our influence in life? 

Have you heard of school teachers who lose their voices from teaching classes all day long, every single day? That's what I'm talking about!

Can you use Singing Technique for Speaking? Let See What Roger is doing...

I was a little surprised to see Roger using the most common and solid vocal techniques to train the speaking voice in The Perfect Voice. I thought training the Chest Voice is probably enough for speakers. But no, Roger Love is giving speakers the whole package of training the Chest voice, Head voice, and Mix voice.

When I came to think of it, that makes total sense because even speakers could use their vocal ranges to the fullest extent. In some cultures, such as Italian, the daily conversational tones cover a big vocal range for the common civilians. If you want to make your speaking style more dynamic, you need to have a wider vocal range and power to be more effective.

Roger Love's bold move to apply most of the fundamental vocal technique to speaking is pretty pioneering. I know voice teachers have done similar things before, but probably not to the extent that Roger's is doing here.

Roger Love review

What Exactly is inside The Perfect Voice? A Complete Inside Look...

The more I look at the training curriculum inside The Perfect Voice, the more I am amazed at the quality of this program for training the speaking voice. First, let's talk about the instructor himself. Roger Love himself is not just a master of singing but also an eloquent and skilled orator. Just watching and listening to him deliver his lessons is already a great learning experience in and off itself.

Second, the training content is so well-rounded that it covers all areas of speaking in the professional and daily lives of people. For example, my favorite training section is