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As a graduate student in Biomedical Engineering I was learning about all this cutting edge technology used to help people. ranging from robotic arms to genetically engineered organs and cures. As time progressed I realized how expensive all of this research was and how much these procedures cost. As new technologies are found, they not only cost a lot but due to the high value of life often stay expensive. One of the major effects of this that instead of advertising their prices, many healthcare procedures cost are hidden and untransparent. Overall, we deal with an archaic hastle ridden system that needs change.


To add to this, healthcare services are also often inefficient with lots of time wasted and misused. Often it is too inconvenient and impersonal an experience to feel like your getting the full benefits of it. Looking at other technologies such GPS, media streaming services, networking/dating services it seems like everything else in our world is becoming quicker and easier to use but that trend is not so true for healthcare. Is this really something we can’t fix and get better at? You can even order a customized pizza in under 60 seconds for crying out loud, but you can’t just look at your freakin’ lab results without sitting in a waiting room for 40 minutes



This is what led me to create this site. From information technology that can help make pricing more transparent, wearable sensors to monitor health, new decentralized insurance models, mobile and web tools to make the process easier. I am a technocrat and believe the best way to approach a problem is through innovative technology. From this the impossible becomes the regular and everyone reaps the rewards for generations to come. The Medidex will be a hub of information and tools to allow you to connect your body and health to the digital age.
If you ever need a hand or have any questions, ideas, or concerns feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to listen or help you out.

All the best,

Simon Greenberg




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