Check Out These Useful Guides For Patients

How to Access Medical Records:

A guide that provides instructions on finding and accessing your medical records online including prescriptions, lab tests,  hospital records, and those fromdoctors office visits.

How to Access Lab Results:

A guide specifically and comprehensively focusing on accessing lab results from the two major lab test providers in the US, covering over 90% of patients, Quest and Labcorp.

Tracking Medications:

A guide to conveniently and easily keeping accurate and comprehensive logs of active medications, medication history, and even daily medication intake. Also check out MedManage app to track your medications.

Using Telemedicine:

A guide explaining the benefits and tradeoffs of talking to doctors over the phone as well as how to access those tools and in which scenarios they can be useful.

Helpful Tools for Patients

Medication Tracker:

A tool you can use to easily enter complex medication information easily using a medication search engine, image uploads of prescriptions, and a simple to use reminder tool available on web and mobile.

Find Doctor:

A search engine compiling comprehensive info on physicians in America including address, phone, hours of operation, website, education, services offered, patients reviews/ratings, and more. This can be used to find physicians in your area by specialty and insurance coverage, being a one stop shop for finding all the info you need when searching for a healthcare provider.

Call Doctor:

A platform on web or mobile that lets you call a doctor and videochat for a fee of $59. This shouldn’t be used in emergencies but can be used as a convenient and cost effective tool to have a discussion with a doctor. You can fill out and save important info about your condition, medical history, and demographics for the doctor to review beforehand.

Ask Doctors Questions:

A curated online platform available on web and mobile which utilizes it’s large community of telemedicine doctors to answer patients questions for free. Just submit your question and shortly you should receive an answer from a qualified physician to address your health concerns. It would be worth it to make a habbit of using this periodically and focus on a holistic approach to your general health.

Order Lab Test:

Order a home lab test or book an appointment to a certified laboratory online. Lab tests are steeply discounted for uninsured patients and most forms of insurance are accepted as well. Can be extremely useful when combined with telehealth visits, by getting recommendations from your online doctor and avoiding waiting for an in office visit. In several cases your lab test can be referred online by a physician who then gets forwarded the results along with your health profile. This doesn’t mean never go to a doctor in person, but use this method when it makes sense to for you.

Helpful Websites for Patients

Allergy Relief: Check out this website with useful info on ways to get relief from allergies.

Home Health and Nursing Agencies

New York:

David York Home Healthcare:

David York Agency, Ltd . was founded on the principle that the aged, infirm and disabled are entitled to the opportunity to live their lives with dignity and meaning. David York agency supports all your rights as a home care client and encourages your involvement in the planning of your care and services. David York Home Healthcare seeks to provide a supportive environment in the privacy and comfort of your own home with mission to furnish the highest quality home care service.