ACTIVE-PAC with Gabapentin

Gabapentin capsules, USP are supplied as imprinted hard shell capsules containing 100 mg, 300 mg, and 400 mg of gabapentin USP. The inactive ingredients for the capsules are calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate dihydrate, glyceryl behenate, and pregelatinized starch. The capsule… Continue Reading


A sterile suspension containing 5 mg/mL of micronized triamcinolone hexacetonide in the following inactive ingredients: Chemically triamcinolone hexacetonide USP is 9α-Fluoro-11β,16α, 17,21-tetrahydroxypregna-1,4-diene-3,20-dione cyclic 16,17-acetal with acetone 21-(3,3-dimethylbutyrate). The molecular weight is 532.65. The structural formula is: The hexacetonide ester of… Continue Reading


Articadent injection is a sterile, aqueous solution that contains articaine HCl 4% (40 mg/mL) with epinephrine bitartrate in an epinephrine 1:200,000 or epinephrine 1:100,000 strength. Articaine HCl is an amino amide local anesthetic, chemically designated as 4-methyl-3-[2-(propylamino)-propionamido]-2-thiophene-carboxylic acid, methyl ester… Continue Reading

Adalat CC

Adalat CC is an extended release tablet dosage form of the calcium channel blocker nifedipine. Nifedipine is 3,5-pyridinedicarboxylic acid, 1,4-dihydro-2,6-dimethyl-4-(2-nitrophenyl)-dimethyl ester, CHNO, and has the structural formula: Nifedipine is a yellow crystalline substance, practically insoluble in water but soluble in… Continue Reading

Acyclovir Sodium

Acyclovir Sodium Injection is a synthetic nucleoside analog, active against herpes viruses. It is a sterile, aqueous solution for intravenous infusion, containing 50 mg acyclovir per mL in Water for Injection, USP. The concentration is equivalent to 54.9 mg of… Continue Reading

Abacavir Sulfate

Abacavir sulfate is a synthetic carbocyclic nucleoside analogue with inhibitory activity against HIV-1. The chemical name of abacavir sulfate is (1)-4-[2-amino-6-(cyclopropylamino)-9-purin-9-yl]-2-cyclopentene-1-methanol sulfate (salt) (2:1). Abacavir sulfate is the enantiomer with absolute configuration on the cyclopentene ring. It has a molecular… Continue Reading

Aminosyn II

AminosynII (an amino acid injection) is a sterile, nonpyrogenic solution for intravenous infusion. Aminosyn II is oxygen sensitive. The Pharmacy Bulk Package is a sterile dosage form which contains multiple single doses for use only in a pharmacy bulk admixture… Continue Reading


Lidocaine Hydrochloride Jelly USP, 2% (Anestacon) is a sterile aqueous product that contains a local anesthetic agent and is administered topically. (See for specific uses.) Lidocaine Hydrochloride Jelly USP, 2% (Anestacon) contains lidocaine HCl which is chemically designated as acetamide,… Continue Reading


Intended for use only with Trima and Trima Accel automated red blood cell apheresis devices and Atreus Whole Blood Processing System. See Operator’s Manuals for additional information and complete usage instructions. Sterile. Non-pyrogenic. Do not use unless the solution is… Continue Reading