ARTISS [Fibrin Sealant], Vapor Heated, Solvent Detergent Treated, (ARTISS) is a two-component fibrin sealant made from pooled human plasma. When combined, the two components, Sealer Protein (Human) and Thrombin (Human), mimic the final stage of the blood coagulation cascade. Sealer… Continue Reading


Aspirin and extended-release dipyridamole capsules are a combination antiplatelet agent intended for oral administration. Each hard gelatin capsule contains 200 mg dipyridamole, USP in an extended-release form and 25 mg aspirin, USP as an immediate-release film-coated tablet. In addition, each… Continue Reading


ADMELOG (insulin lispro injection) is a rapid-acting human insulin analog used to lower blood glucose. Insulin lispro is produced by recombinant DNA technology utilizing a non-pathogenic laboratory strain of . Insulin lispro differs from human insulin in that the amino… Continue Reading


ALECENSA (alectinib) is a kinase inhibitor for oral administration. The molecular formula for alectinib is CHNO ∙ HCl. The molecular weight is 482.62 g/mol (free base form) and 519.08 g/mol (hydrochloride salt). Alectinib is described chemically as 9-ethyl-6, 6-dimethyl-8-[4-(morpholin-4-yl)piperidin-1-yl]-11-oxo-6, 11-dihydro-5-benzo[]carbazole-3-carbonitrile… Continue Reading

Atazanavir Sulfate

The active ingredient in atazanavir sulfate capsules is atazanavir sulfate, which is an HIV-1 protease inhibitor. The chemical name for atazanavir sulfate is (3,8,9,12)-3,12-bis(1,1-dimethylethyl)-8-hydroxy-4,11-dioxo-9-(phenylmethyl)-6-[[4-(2-pyridinyl)phenyl]methyl]-2,5,6,10,13-pentaazatetradecanedioic acid dimethyl ester, sulfate (1:1). Atazanavir sulfate has the following structural formula: CHNO•HSO M.W. 704.9 (free… Continue Reading

Acetasol HC

Hydrocortisone and Acetic Acid Otic Solution USP, is a solution containing hydrocortisone (1%) and acetic acid (2%), in a propylene glycol vehicle containing propylene glycol diacetate (3%), benzethonium chloride (002%), sodium acetate (0015%), and citric acid (02%). The molecular formulas… Continue Reading


AZACTAM (aztreonam for injection, USP) contains the active ingredient aztreonam, a monobactam. It was originally isolated from . It is a synthetic bactericidal antibiotic. The monobactams, having a unique monocyclic beta-lactam nucleus, are structurally different from other beta-lactam antibiotics (eg,… Continue Reading


ADAGEN ADAGEN The chemical name for (pegademase bovine) Injection is (monomethoxypolyethylene glycol succinimidyl) 11-17-adenosine deaminase. It is a conjugate of numerous strands of monomethoxypolyethylene glycol (PEG), molecular weight 5,000, covalently attached to the enzyme adenosine deaminase (ADA). ADA (adenosine deaminase… Continue Reading


Ashlyna (Levonorgestrel and Ethinyl Estradiol Tablets USP, 0.15 mg/0.03 mg and Ethinyl Estradiol Tablets USP, 0.01 mg) is an extended-cycle oral contraceptive consisting of 84 blue tablets each containing 0.15 mg of levonorgestrel, USP, a synthetic progestogen and 0.03 mg… Continue Reading


AZOPT (brinzolamide ophthalmic suspension) 1% contains a carbonic anhydrase inhibitor formulated for multidose topical ophthalmic use. Brinzolamide is described chemically as: (R)-(+)-4-Ethylamino-2-(3-methoxypropyl)-3,4-dihydro-2H-thieno [3,2-e]-1,2-thiazine-6-sulfonamide-1,1- dioxide. Its empirical formula is CHNOS, and its structural formula is: Brinzolamide has a molecular weight of… Continue Reading