Fluoridex toothpaste is a self-applied topical fluoride dentifrice containing 1.1% (w/w) sodium fluoride for the prevention and control of dental caries. Daily Defense Mint: Daily Defense Fruit: Enhanced Whitening Mint: 12 CLINICAL PHARMACOLOGY A treatment dose (a thin ribbon) of… Continue Reading


FIRAZYR (icatibant) is a synthetic decapeptide with five non-proteinogenic amino acids. The chemical structure of icatibant acetate is presented in Figure 1. Figure 1 Chemical Structure Chemical name: D-Arginyl-L-arginyl-L-prolyl-L[(4R)-4-hydroxyprolyl]-glycyl-L[3-(2-thienyl)alanyl]-L-seryl-D-(1,2,3,4-tetrahydroisoquinolin-3-ylcarbonyl)-L[(3aS,7aS)-octahydroindol-2-ylcarbonyl]-L-arginine, acetate salt FIRAZYR is provided as a sterile, isotonic, and buffered… Continue Reading

Fluoxetine HCl

Fluoxetine hydrochloride is a selective serotonin reuptake inhibitor for oral administration. It is designated (±)–methyl-3-phenyl-3-[(α,α,α-trifluoro–tolyl)oxy]propylamine hydrochloride and has the empirical formula of CHFNO•HCl. Its molecular weight is 345.79. The structural formula is: Fluoxetine hydrochloride is a white to off-white crystalline… Continue Reading


FERRIPROX (deferiprone) oral solution contains 100 mg/mL deferiprone (3-hydroxy-1,2-dimethylpyridin-4-one), a synthetic, orally active, iron-chelating agent. The molecular formula for deferiprone is CHNO and its molecular weight is 139.15 g/mol. Deferiprone has the following structural formula: Deferiprone is a white to pinkish-white… Continue Reading


Benralizumab is a humanized monoclonal antibody (IgG1/κ-class) selective for interleukin-5 receptor alpha subunit (IL-5Rα). Benralizumab is produced in Chinese hamster ovary cells by recombinant DNA technology. Benralizumab has a molecular weight of approximately 150 kDa. FASENRA (benralizumab) injection is a… Continue Reading


FASLODEX® (fulvestrant) injection for intramuscular administration is an estrogen receptor antagonist. The chemical name is 7-alpha-[9-(4,4,5,5,5-penta fluoropentylsulphinyl) nonyl]estra-1,3,5-(10)- triene-3,17-beta-diol. The molecular formula is C32H47F5O3S and its structural formula is: Fulvestrant is a white powder with a molecular weight of 606.77.… Continue Reading


FLOLIPID Oral Suspension is a lipid-lowering agent that is derived synthetically from a fermentation product of .After oral ingestion, simvastatin, which is an inactive lactone, is hydrolyzed to the corresponding β-hydroxyacid form. This is an inhibitor of 3-hydroxy-3-methylglutaryl-coenzyme A (HMG-CoA)… Continue Reading


Dapagliflozin is described chemically as D-glucitol, 1,5-anhydro-1–[4-chloro-3-[(4-ethoxyphenyl)methyl]phenyl]-, (1)-, compounded with (2)-1,2-propanediol, hydrate (1:1:1). The empirical formula is CHClO•CHO•HO and the molecular weight is 502.98. The structural formula is: FARXIGA is available as a film-coated tablet for oral administration containing the… Continue Reading


FIASP (insulin aspart injection) is a rapid-acting insulin analog for subcutaneous or intravenous administration used to lower blood glucose. Insulin aspart is homologous with regular human insulin with the exception of a single substitution of the amino acid proline by… Continue Reading