omeprazole/sodium bicarbonate

Omeprazole/Sodium Bicarbonate is a combination of omeprazole, a proton-pump inhibitor, and sodium bicarbonate, an antacid. Omeprazole is a substituted benzimidazole, 5-methoxy-2-[[(4-methoxy-3,5-dimethyl-2-pyridinyl)methyl]sulfinyl]-1-benzimidazole, a racemic mixture of two enantiomers that inhibits gastric acid secretion. Its empirical formula is CHNOS, with a molecular… Continue Reading

Oxiconazole Nitrate

Oxiconazole nitrate cream, 1% contains the antifungal active compound oxiconazole nitrate. This formulation is for topical dermatologic use only. Chemically, oxiconazole nitrate is 2´,4´-dichloro-2-imidazol-1-ylacetophenone ()-[-(2,4-dichlorobenzyl)oxime], mononitrate. The compound has the molecular formula CHONCI•HNO, a molecular weight of 492.15, and the… Continue Reading

Omega-3-Acid Ethyl Esters

Omega-3-acid ethyl esters, USP, a lipid-regulating agent, are supplied as a liquid-filled gel capsule for oral administration. Each 1 gram capsule of omega-3-acid ethyl esters, USP contains at least 900 mg of the ethyl esters of omega-3 fatty acids sourced… Continue Reading


ONIVYDE is formulated with irinotecan hydrochloride trihydrate, a topoisomerase inhibitor, into a liposomal dispersion for intravenous use. The chemical name of irinotecan hydrochloride trihydrate is (S)-4,11-diethyl-3,4,12,14-tetrahydro-4-hydroxy-3,14-dioxo1H-pyrano[3’,4’:6,7]-indolizino[1,2-b]quinolin-9-yl-[1,4’bipiperidine]-1’-carboxylate, monohydrochloride, trihydrate. The empirical formula is C H N O ∙HCl∙3H O and the molecular weight is 677.19… Continue Reading


Oxtellar XR is an antiepileptic drug (AED). Oxtellar XR extended-release tablets contain oxcarbazepine for once-a-day oral administration. Oxcarbazepine is 10,11-Dihydro-10-oxo-5H-dibenz[b,f]-azepine-5-carboxamide, and its structural formula is Oxcarbazepine is off-white to yellow crystalline powder. Oxcarbazepine is sparingly soluble in chloroform (30-100 g/L).… Continue Reading


ORAP (pimozide) is an orally active antipsychotic agent of the diphenyl-butylpiperidine series. The structural formula of pimozide, 1-[1-[4,4-bis(4-fluorophenyl)butyl]-4-piperidinyl]-1,3-dihydro-2H-benzimidazole-2-one is: The solubility of pimozide in water is less than 0.01 mg/mL; it is slightly soluble in most organic solvents. Each white… Continue Reading

Olopatadine Hydrochloride

Olopatadine Hydrochloride Ophthalmic Solution USP, 0.1% is a sterile ophthalmic solution containing olopatadine, a relatively selective H – receptor antagonist and inhibitor of histamine release from the mast cell for topical administration to the eyes. Olopatadine hydrochloride is a white,… Continue Reading


Octreoscan is a kit for the preparation of indium In-111 pentetreotide, a diagnostic radiopharmaceutical. It is a kit consisting of two components: 1)     A 10-mL Octreoscan Reaction Vial which contains a lyophilized mixture of: (i) 10 μg pentetreotide [N-(diethylenetriamine-N,N,N’,N”-tetraacetic acid-N”-acetyl)-D-phenylalanyl-L-hemicystyl-L-phenylalanyl-D-tryptophyl-L-lysyl-L-threonyl-L-hemicystyl-L-threoninol… Continue Reading

Oral B Neutra Foam

Oral-B Neutra-Foam ® is a mint flavored neutral aqueous foaming solution of 2.0% w/w sodium fluoride.

Ofloxacin Otic

Ofloxacin Otic Solution 0.3% is a sterile aqueous anti-infective (anti-bacterial) solution for otic use. Chemically, ofloxacin has three condensed 6-membered rings made up of a fluorinated carboxy-quinolone with a benzoxazine ring. The chemical name of ofloxacin is: (±)-9-fluoro-2,3-dihydro-3-methyl-10-(4-methyl-1-piperazinyl)-7-oxo-7-pyrido[1,2,3-]-1,4-benzoxazine-6-carboxylic acid. The… Continue Reading