Ranitidine Hydrochloride

Ranitidine hydrochloride (HCl) is a histamine H-receptor antagonist. Chemically it is -[ 2-[[[5-[(Dimethylamino)methyl]-2-furanyl] methyl]thio]ethyl]–methyl-2-nitro-1,1-ethenediamine, HCl. It has the following structure: The empirical formula is CHNOS·HCl, representing a molecular weight of 350.87. Ranitidine HCl is a white to pale yellow, granular… Continue Reading


Rocaltrol (calcitriol) is a synthetic vitamin D analog which is active in the regulation of the absorption of calcium from the gastrointestinal tract and its utilization in the body. Rocaltrol is available as capsules containing 0.25 mcg or 0.5 mcg… Continue Reading


Regitine, phentolamine mesylate for injection, USP, is an antihypertensive, available in vials for intravenous and intramuscular administration. Each vial contains phentolamine mesylate USP, 5 mg, and mannitol USP, 25 mg, in sterile, lyophilized form. Phentolamine mesylate is 4,5-dihydro-2-[N-(-hydroxyphenyl)-N-(-methylphenyl) aminomethyl]-1-imidazole 1:1… Continue Reading


Renese is designated generically as polythiazide, and chemically as 2-1,2,4-Benzothiadiazine-7-sulfonamide, 6-chloro-3,4-dihydro-2-methyl-3-[[(2,2,2-trifluoroethyl)thio]methyl]-, 1,1-dioxide. It is a white crystalline substance, insoluble in water but readily soluble in alkaline solution. Inert Ingredients: dibasic calcium phosphate; lactose; magnesium stearate; polyethylene glycol; sodium lauryl sulfate;… Continue Reading