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ENDOMETRIN (progesterone) Vaginal Insert contains micronized progesterone. ENDOMETRIN is supplied with polyethylene vaginal applicators.

The active ingredient, progesterone, is present in 100 mg amount along with other excipients. The chemical name for progesterone is pregn-4-ene-3,20-dione. It has an empirical formula of CHO and a molecular weight of 314.5. Progesterone exists in two polymorphic forms. The form used in ENDOMETRIN, the alpha-form, has a melting point of 127-131°C.

The structural formula is:

Each ENDOMETRIN Vaginal Insert delivers 100 mg of progesterone in a base containing lactose monohydrate, polyvinylpyrrolidone, adipic acid, sodium bicarbonate, sodium lauryl sulfate, magnesium stearate, pregelatinized starch, and colloidal silicon dioxide.

What does ENDOMETRIN look like?

What are the available doses of ENDOMETRIN?

100 mg vaginal insert is a white to off-white oblong-shaped tablet debossed with "FPI" on one side and "100" on the other side.

What should I talk to my health care provider before I take ENDOMETRIN?

How should I use ENDOMETRIN?

ENDOMETRIN (progesterone) is indicated to support embryo implantation and early pregnancy by supplementation of corpus luteal function as part of an Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) treatment program for infertile women.

What interacts with ENDOMETRIN?

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What are the warnings of ENDOMETRIN?

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What are the precautions of ENDOMETRIN?

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What are the side effects of ENDOMETRIN?

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What should I look out for while using ENDOMETRIN?

ENDOMETRIN is contraindicated in individuals with any of the following conditions:

What might happen if I take too much ENDOMETRIN?

Treatment of overdosage consists of discontinuation of ENDOMETRIN together with institution of appropriate symptomatic and supportive care.

How should I store and handle ENDOMETRIN?

Store Vizamyl at 2° to 30°C (36° to 86°F). The product does not contain a preservative. Store Vizamyl within radiation shielding. Do not use Vizamyl after the expiry date and time stated on the label.Each ENDOMETRIN Vaginal Insert is a white to off-white oblong-shaped insert debossed with "FPI" on one side and "100" on the other side. Each ENDOMETRIN (progesterone) Vaginal Insert, 100 mg, is packed individually in a sealed foil pouch. These pouches are available in cartons packed:


Clinical Information

Chemical Structure

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Clinical Pharmacology

Progesterone is a naturally occurring steroid that is secreted by the ovary, placenta, and adrenal gland. In the presence of adequate estrogen, progesterone transforms a proliferative endometrium into a secretory endometrium. Progesterone is necessary to increase endometrial receptivity for implantation of an embryo. Once an embryo is implanted, progesterone acts to maintain a pregnancy.

Non-Clinical Toxicology
ENDOMETRIN is contraindicated in individuals with any of the following conditions:

MAO inhibitors should be used with caution in patients receiving hydrALAZINE.

When other potent parenteral antihypertensive drugs, such as diazoxide, are used in combination with hydrALAZINE, patients should be continuously observed for several hours for any excessive fall in blood pressure. Profound hypotensive episodes may occur when diazoxide injection and hydrALAZINE are used concomitantly.

The physician should be alert to earliest signs of myocardial infarction, cerebrovascular disorders, arterial or venous thromboembolism (venous thromboembolism or pulmonary embolism), thrombophlebitis, or retinal thrombosis. ENDOMETRIN should be discontinued if any of these are suspected.



This information is obtained from the National Institute of Health's Standard Packaging Label drug database.

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