3 Commonly Abused Types of Prescription Drugs

It’s important to know which medications have a history of complication which can bring about addition. Addiction occurs when a person’s body no longer needs medication, but the individual continues to take the medication in increasing doses to get high. Using prescriptions when prescribed by a qualified specialist for your medical health is usually not problematic. However, if prescription use becomes recreational, it can become highly dangerous very quickly.


Stimulants are medications prescribed to stimulate alertness, and include commonly used ADHD medications such as Ritalin, Adderall, and Vyvanse. They are generally used to treat ADHD in non-limbic form. Others might be used for sleep disorders such as hypersomnia. Their danger, however, is to the cardiovascular system, especially when used with other prescriptions such as antidepressants. They can cause heartbeat irregularities, dangerous racing of the heart, even heart attack.


Opioids overdoses claim the lives of tens of thousands of Americans every year. They are intended to release their medication over time, and have pain numbing properties. However, addicts crush them to snort them, which sends them into the brain quickly. This takes more of the medication over time to achieve the same high. Overdoses are common, especially after a period of getting clean, because the dosage used prior can then stop the heart. Opioid addiction is not a problem for all who use opioids to combat pain. However, every person who uses opioids to quell pain must be aware of the problems and possibility of addiction.

Dextromethorphan (DXM)

Any medicinal product can be used badly, and cough syrups are no different. This common, in large doses, is used to get high. Sometimes, those using it will mix it with koolaid to create a concoction called by many names, such as “purple drank.” Because of the availability of over the counter cough medications, this can be particularly problematic in youth, who can access these things more easily than some more difficult to attain drug highs.

As with all things, being aware of what medications can be used by addicts matters, and can help you protect your family. Having a lockbox for controlled substances such as opioid medications will help safeguard the health of your family, and prevent thievery by others. Opioid or stimulant prescribed medications cannot be replaced if your prescription is lost or stolen.

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