Bromocriptine Mesylate

Bromocriptine mesylate, USP is an ergot derivative with potent dopamine receptor agonist activity. Each bromocriptine mesylate tablet for oral administration contains 2.5 mg (as the mesylate) and each bromocriptine mesylate capsule for oral administration contains 5 mg bromocriptine (as the… Continue Reading


Bromfenac ophthalmic solution 0.09% is a sterile, topical, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) for ophthalmic use. Each mL of bromfenac ophthalmic solution contains 1.035 mg bromfenac sodium (equivalent to 0.9 mg bromfenac free acid). Bromfenac sodium is designated chemically as sodium… Continue Reading


Bumetanide is a loop diuretic, available as 4 mL vials and 10 mL vials (0.25 mg/mL) for intravenous or intramuscular injection as a sterile solution. Each mL contains bumetanide 0.25 mg, sodium chloride 8.5 mg and ammonium acetate 4 mg… Continue Reading


BYETTA (exenatide) is a synthetic peptide that was originally identified in the lizard Exenatide differs in chemical structure and pharmacological action from insulin, sulfonylureas (including D-phenylalanine derivatives and meglitinides), biguanides, thiazolidinediones, alpha-glucosidase inhibitors, amylinomimetics and dipeptidyl peptidase-4 inhibitors. Exenatide is… Continue Reading


Butalbital and acetaminophen are supplied in tablet form for oral administration. Butalbital (5-allyl-5-isobutylbarbituric acid), a slightly bitter, white, odorless, crystalline powder, is a short to intermediate-acting barbiturate. It has the following structural formula: Acetaminophen (4’-hydroxyacetanilide), a slightly bitter, white, odorless,… Continue Reading


BLEPHAMIDE (sulfacetamide sodium and prednisolone acetate ophthalmic ointment, USP) is a sterile topical ophthalmic ointment combining an antibacterial and a corticosteroid which have the following chemical structures:


Clarithromycin is a semi-synthetic macrolide antibiotic. Chemically, it is 6–methylerythromycin. The molecular formula is CHNO, and the molecular weight is 747.96. The structural formula is: Clarithromycin is a white to off-white crystalline powder. It is soluble in acetone, slightly soluble… Continue Reading

Bethanechol Chloride

Bethanechol chloride, a cholinergic agent, is a synthetic ester which is structurally and pharma-cologically related to acetylcholine. It is designated chemically as 2-[(aminocarbonyl)oxy]-, , -trimethyl-1-propanaminium chloride. Its molecular formula is CHClNO and its structural formula is: It is a white,… Continue Reading


The chemical name for the active ingredient in BYSTOLIC (nebivolol) tablets is (1RS,1’RS)-1,1′-[(2RS,2’SR)-bis(6-fluoro-3,4-dihydro-2H-1-benzopyran-2-yl)]- 2,2′-iminodiethanol hydrochloride. Nebivolol is a racemate composed of d-Nebivolol and l-Nebivolol with the stereochemical designations of [SRRR]-nebivolol and [RSSS]-nebivolol, respectively. Nebivolol’s molecular formula is (CHFNO•HCl) with the… Continue Reading


BenzaClin Topical Gel Chemically, clindamycin phosphate is (CHClNOPS). The structural formula for clindamycin is represented below: Clindamycin phosphate has molecular weight of 504.97 and its chemical name is Methyl 7-chloro-6,7,8-trideoxy-6-(1-methyl-trans-4-propyl-L-2-pyrrolidinecarboxamido)-1-thio-L-threo-alpha-D-galacto-octopyranoside 2-(dihydrogen phosphate). BenzaClin Topical Gel Benzoyl peroxide has a molecular… Continue Reading