Common Problems That Can Happen Post-Operation

Injuries, illness, and disease can all be the cause for someone to need an operation. Ideally, the operation is done, recovery happens, and life continues. Unfortunately, sometimes people suffer from common problems post-operation, even if everything goes well during the procedure.

Prolonged Pain

It’s normal to experience a certain degree of pain or discomfort following surgery. If that pain is prolonged, however, that can be problematic. It can be an indicator that you aren’t healing correctly or that something isn’t quite right. When it lasts longer than 3–6 months, it’s often referred to as chronic pain and is more likely to be difficult to resolve. There are a few different pain management techniques you can try. Pain medications are common, though heat and cold treatments can also be helpful, as can different relaxation techniques.

Substance Abuse

Pain medications can offer welcome relief, but many of them can lead to substance abuse issues. Prescription opioids are some of the most commonly abused drugs. While you’re in the hospital, the medications you take are closely monitored. Every time you take medication, the drug, dosage, and time taken are supposed to be recorded. Once you’re released, however, you’re on your own, which can make it far easier to slip into unhealthy, addictive habits. Make sure you only take what you need to manage your pain and wean yourself off of the more addictive substances as early on as you can.

Not Giving Yourself Enough Recovery Time

In today’s fast-paced world, it’s not uncommon to feel pressure to return to life as it was before the operation before you’re ready to. Bills need to get paid, family needs time and attention, and there’s always more than enough work that needs to be done. Not taking the time you need to recover is a mistake, however. Your body needs rest to recover properly. Failing to do so will extend your recovery period. Talk to your doctor to make sure you’re ready to get back into the swing of things before jumping back in with both feet.

Being aware of common postoperative problems can give you a better chance of avoiding them. Prolonged pain, substance abuse, and failing to take adequate time to recover are a few issues you could find yourself running into. Remember, you only get one body, even if you can replace a few components here and there. Make an effort to take care of it after the operation so you give yourself the best chance possible at making a full recovery.

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