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What is Humulin?

HUMULIN R U-500 (insulin human injection, USP) is a human insulin solution used to lower blood glucose. Human insulin is produced by recombinant DNA technology utilizing a non-pathogenic laboratory strain of . HUMULIN R has the empirical formula CHNOS with a molecular weight of 5808.

HUMULIN R U-500 is a sterile, aqueous, and colorless solution. HUMULIN R U-500 contains 500 units of insulin in each milliliter. Each milliliter of HUMULIN R U-500 also contains glycerin 16 mg, metacresol 2.5 mg, zinc oxide to supplement the endogenous zinc to obtain a total zinc content of 0.017 mg/100 units, and Water for Injection. Sodium hydroxide and hydrochloric acid may be added during manufacture to adjust the pH.

What does Humulin look like?

What are the available doses of Humulin?

HUMULIN R U-500 (500 units per mL) is available in a colorless solution as: ()

What should I talk to my health care provider before I take Humulin?

How should I use Humulin?

HUMULIN R U-500 is a concentrated human insulin indicated to improve glycemic control in adult and pediatric patients with diabetes mellitus requiring more than 200 units of insulin per day.

Adhere to administration instructions to reduce the risk of dosing errors. (, , , )

HUMULIN R U-500 is available as a KwikPen or multiple dose vial. Patients using the vial must be prescribed the U-500 insulin syringe to avoid medication errors. ()

Individualize dose of HUMULIN R U-500 based on metabolic needs, blood glucose monitoring results and glycemic control goal. ()

Administer HUMULIN R U-500 subcutaneously two or three times daily 30 minutes before a meal. Rotate injection sites to reduce the risk of lipodystrophy. (, )

Do NOT mix HUMULIN R U-500 with other insulins. ()

Do NOT administer HUMULIN R U-500 intravenously or intramuscularly. ()

Do NOT perform dose conversion when using the HUMULIN R U-500 KwikPen. The dose window of the HUMULIN R U-500 KwikPen shows the number of units of HUMULIN R U-500 to be injected. ()

Do NOT transfer HUMULIN R U-500 from the HUMULIN R U-500 KwikPen into any syringe. ()

Do NOT perform dose conversion when using a U-500 insulin syringe. Use only a U-500 insulin syringe with the HUMULIN R U-500 vial. ()

What interacts with Humulin?

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What are the warnings of Humulin?

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What are the precautions of Humulin?

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What are the side effects of Humulin?

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What should I look out for while using Humulin?

HUMULIN R U-500 is contraindicated:

What might happen if I take too much Humulin?

Excess insulin administration may cause hypoglycemia and hypokalemia. Mild episodes of hypoglycemia usually can be treated with oral glucose. Adjustments in drug dosage, meal patterns, or exercise may be needed. More severe episodes with coma, seizure, or neurologic impairment may be treated with intramuscular/subcutaneous glucagon or concentrated intravenous glucose. Sustained carbohydrate intake and observation may be necessary because hypoglycemia may recur after apparent clinical recovery. Hypokalemia must be corrected appropriately.

How should I store and handle Humulin?

Protect from heat and light. Do not freeze. Do not use HUMULIN R U-500 after the expiration date printed on the label or if it has been frozen. Do not shake the vial. Ampicillin for Injection, USP for IM or IV Injection. Ampicillin sodium equivalent to 125 mg, 250 mg, 500 mg, 1 gram, or 2 grams ampicillin per vial.Also available as:Ampicillin for Injection, USP for IM or IV Injection. Ampicillin sodium equivalent to 125 mg, 250 mg, 500 mg, 1 gram, or 2 grams ampicillin per vial.Also available as:


Clinical Information

Chemical Structure

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Clinical Pharmacology

Regulation of glucose metabolism is the primary activity of insulins, including HUMULIN R U-500. Insulins lower blood glucose by stimulating peripheral glucose uptake by skeletal muscle and fat, and by inhibiting hepatic glucose production. Insulins inhibit lipolysis and proteolysis, and enhance protein synthesis.

Non-Clinical Toxicology
HUMULIN R U-500 is contraindicated:

The concurrent administration of allopurinol and ampicillin increases substantially the incidence of skin rashes in patients receiving both drugs as compared to patients receiving ampicillin alone. It is not known whether this potentiation of ampicillin rashes is due to allopurinol or the hyperuricemia present in these patients.

The following adverse reactions are discussed elsewhere:

The following additional adverse reactions have been identified during post-approval use of HUMULIN R U-500. Because these reactions are reported voluntarily from a population of uncertain size, it is not always possible to reliably estimate their frequency or to establish a causal relationship to drug exposure.



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