Exciting Childhood Health Milestones You Should Pay Attention To

One of the most rewarding parts of being a parent is getting to see your child grow significantly. At around four months old, you will start to notice more of your child’s personality emerging. During childhood, there are many milestones that help your child become more independent and grow into themselves.


A big part of independence is being able to move around according to one’s own will. Mobility, then, is a crucial milestone to pay attention to. At around eight months old, your baby should be able to sit unassisted and stand assisted. These mobility milestones help your child be more prepared to walk on their own and have a strong core. 

Before your child is able to sit unassisted, stand assisted, or hit any other mobility milestones, make sure that you are monitoring them closely and providing support as needed. This will ensure that they don’t get seriously injured trying to do something their bodies can’t yet handle. 

First Teeth

Teeth are important for chewing and correct speech. You will know when your baby is going to get teeth by their teething behaviors. When their teeth come in, make sure that they look regular and mostly straight. You should make a dentist appointment if you notice irregular alignment of their teeth. Irregular alignment of teeth can lead to serious bite and jaw problems if left unchecked. If you are unsure about the alignment of your child’s teeth, it’s best to have it checked by a professional. 


Speech is another big part of being independent because your child will be able to more fully express themselves and their feelings. Before your child begins talking, they should be recognizing different words and names. For example, they should recognize their own name, parental names, and maybe some basic food or action words. When your child starts to talk, make sure that you listen to their pronunciation. Correct their pronunciation and be patient when teaching them big words or words that are difficult to say. 

Every child is unique and therefore develops a little differently from their siblings or peers. While you should always keep this in mind, you should also be aware of general timelines and milestones to keep track of your child’s health and development. Learning how to help your children reach these milestones will help them develop healthily and be better prepared for the next stages of their lives. 

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