Exercises That Can Help Extend Your Life

Being sedentary is a big factor in disease risks as well as shortening your lifespan. Any exercise you do means the less time you spend on the couch and more time moving your body. There are so many different types of exercises to do, each with many benefits. Here are just a few examples of exercises that can help you extend your life!


Walking has many positive effects on the body. Research shows that walking regularly is a good way to help reduce your risk of dementia and can help you sleep better. Walking can also help extend your life because of the many benefits on your health. Walking helps to improve your cardiovascular fitness, which means that your heart and lungs will work more efficiently. Brisk walking can evoke even more benefits. This will further your cardiovascular fitness level and extend your life further.


Weightlifting is an important exercise to do, especially as you age. Building lean mass through weightlifting helps your body to be metabolically healthier. This will help reduce your disease and mortality risks. Weightlifting helps you improve in strength which helps you function better in your daily life. As you age, this can be important in preventing falls and keeping your bones strong. Weightlifting not only improves strength, but it can also improve your depression. When you lift weights, your body produces endorphins which help promote feelings of well-being.


Yoga has many benefits for your health. There are principles of weight bearing, balance, and flexibility which can help you improve your overall fitness. Practicing yoga helps to prevent cartilage and joint breakdown because it promotes flexibility and mobility through taking joints through their full range of motion. The weight bearing nature of yoga helps to strengthen the muscles and therefore strengthen the bones and prevent osteoporosis. Your yoga practice promotes good circulation and increases oxygen flow through emphasis on breath. Overall, the ability of a yoga practice to increase fitness helps to extend your life.

The amount of exercise you do has a significant impact on the length of your life. Exercising helps improve your fitness, which decreases health risks and extends your life. Being sedentary has the opposite effect. Any amount of exercise you do will help you live longer, and the best type of exercise you can do is one that you enjoy.

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