Factors That Can Lead to Better Health Outcomes in Retirement

We often envision retirement as the pinnacle of achievement and relaxation. And we should! But we also need to prepare ourselves to be able to enjoy it at every level – not just financially. Here are some things that can help you stay healthy as a retired senior.

Healthy Diet and Exercise

This one is a must-have that simply gets overlooked by most people in modern-day America. The fact of the matter is that, if you do not keep yourself on a basically healthy level with a nutritional diet and daily exercise, you will be far less likely to enjoy retirement. Why? Common health problems become exponentially more likely for you. That might be heart disease, that might be arthritis, maybe obesity, it might be any number of things – but ultimately this is nonnegotiable. The health benefits are scientifically clear. Start developing the proper health habits now, so that you’re not trying to run every day for the first time at the age of sixty.

Access to Healthcare

Healthcare is expensive and complicated. That’s all the more reason, then, to be aware of your options and to make sure you or your loved one have access to the senior healthcare they need. Make sure that this is the case not just financially but physically as well! Your senior loved one should stay close to their doctor and other health professionals. That way, in the case of an emergency, they can have a quicker response and treatment time. Seniors are especially medically vulnerable, and if they do not maintain a healthy daily diet and exercise routine, even more so. Tailor their financial and physical access to healthcare to their specific medical conditions.

Be Open to Assisted Living

If somebody has a medical condition that may merit such an arrangement, be open to considering various levels of assisted living or in-home nursing. Worst-case scenario would be an assisted living facility. Why would options so invasive need to be considered? Ultimately, it’s about the safety of the retired individual. If their potential medical risk is great enough that it may be sufficiently life-threatening, it is absolutely worth your sacrifice of privacy and money to have someone on hand (or on call) who is prepared for the specific emergency that is more likely to arise.

We all want to be independent as a retired senior. But independence requires basic health and safety – and that’s a good thing. By taking proper precautions, and developing the habits necessary, you can rest assured that you or your retired loved one can thrive.

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Simon Greenberg

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