Healthcare Solutions for When You Can’t Miss Work

Unlike the majority of work deadlines, most people can’t plan when they become sick and unable to work. Additionally, many working individuals simply cannot afford to take time away from their jobs to see a doctor. There are some terrific new healthcare solutions for those occasions when you just can’t miss work. These include innovative medical technologies and more worker-friendly medical office scheduling options.


Telemedicine is not just a phone call with an inexperienced medical representative. This is a convenient way for working adults to speak with a well-qualified real doctor about non-life-threatening injuries and illnesses and get the appropriate treatment started without ever having to leave home or work. An appointment with a telemedicine provider can be just as personal as a visit with a doctor in person, it’s not just a phone call. The doctor can be accessed by phone and/or video, and they are able to diagnose routine ailments and prescribe the appropriate medications to speed healing. In many cases, all of this costs less money than most in-person doctor visits.

After Hours Appointments

There is another alternative to missing work due to common low-risk illnesses and injuries like the stomach flu, bronchitis, or even a sprained ankle. You can utilize after-hours appointments that many family doctors and other healthcare providers now offer their patients. Busy parents can use these healthcare services when their children become sick as well. Some healthcare providers have longer and later scheduling options a few evenings a week, and many walk-in clinics also stay open through the evening for added convenience.

Weekend Appointments

There are many more healthcare providers that provide their patients with weekend appointment hours. Most will have at least one weekend day available for routine or sick visits. Typically, these providers will have shortened hours for this increasingly popular treatment option, and people should be prepared to book in advance as these exceptionally convenient healthcare appointments will fill up fast. Some reasons to schedule a doctor’s appointment on a weekend include children’s school physicals, workplace mandated pre-employment physical exams, minor sports injuries, acute viral illnesses, child vaccines, lab tests and others.

With the fast-paced nature of the business world these days, it is often difficult for employees to call off work when they are ill. Many busy families are discovering the welcome convenience of newer healthcare treatment options such as telemedicine, convenient after work hours scheduling, and weekend doctor appointments.

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