How Doctors Can Use Data to Improve Your Health

Mobile device apps are not just for recreational and other amusing functions on the phone. Today, apps are being developed that can provide real value to a user’s life experience. Among the most helpful apps that actually produce concrete predictions and comprehensive statistical analysis are medical apps that doctors and patients can use to improve a patient’s diagnosis and treatments. Data is only as good as its interpretation, and these apps are proving to be very useful in collecting and analyzing scattered data for a valuable outcome.


One way in which doctors can use data in real time to assist them with diagnoses is by using the increasing number of medical apps designed to work with existing data to present a statistical prognosis. Doctors can use some apps to calculate the risk of cardiovascular disease. These apps calculate a patient’s risk for developing heart disease by assessing factors such as age, race, gender, cholesterol levels, presence of diabetes, blood pressure, smoking status and whether the person takes blood pressure medicine. Using this data, the app will then predict various ranges of future risks for various age groups.

Population Health Management

Population health management is a comprehensive approach to gathering medical data and using it to manage a patient’s health record. The most important aspect of PHM is the ability to improve the patient’s diagnosis and subsequent treatment. It is easy to lose track of the different specialists, medications, symptoms and past medical history for each patient, and a good PHM app can take all this disparate data and gather it into one central repository for analysis. Health professionals can then use this data to administer better care.

Efficiency and Speed

Apps can also be used to facilitate a patient’s journey through a healthcare system. Doctors and other healthcare professionals on both the treatment and administrative sides can use mobile medical apps to correlate data between various medical portals. This comprehensive approach to tracking personal experience data allows the healthcare system to improve the patient’s experience and overall medical treatment. It is exciting to see all the possible uses that our mobile and other technical devices can accomplish.

Information is power, and when both medical workers and patients can receive real results, everyone benefits. Medical apps help improve all areas of medical care, and help doctors to more accurately and definitively provide better answers for their patients.

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