How to Get More Plant-Based Protein in Your Diet

A vegetarian diet can be a tough transition to make. While it can be easy to get the amount of carbs you need, finding good sources of the protein you need is challenging without eating meat. Thankfully, there are some favorite options for those trying to eat a plant-based diet right now.

Beans and Lentils

Beans and lentils can pack a serious punch in your protein pursuits. Not only do they have high protein, but they carry vitamins and minerals that can improve your health further than meat can. There is also a bean for every situation, whether you need more fiber and carbs in your diet, or if you are looking to mitigate your sodium intake.

If you are trying to lose weight, red kidney beans can give you more nutrients for a lower number of calories. Overall, beans are an easy, nutritious snack that you can have throughout the day, and improve your health.


Different kinds of nuts are also high in protein, and make for excellent snacks. Some of the most popular are almonds, pistachios, and walnuts. Like beans, nuts provide a good supply of fiber and protein—essential if you are intending on eating vegan or vegetarian. While they don’t affect your progress on the scale, they have other health benefits.

People who consume almonds and other nuts have been found to have a longer life-expectancy. Nuts are also full of phosphorus, which helps make your teeth healthy. While some nuts are not as healthy as others, they all have different purposes and strengths. Look for the nut that works best in your situation!

Soy Products

Soy is considered one of the best foods you can eat to many people. There are a lot of ways to cook and prepare soy, so you can have a variety of delicious foods you would not normally be able to eat. Veggie burgers are one common soy dish, and they are offered at a lot of stores and restaurants.

When you are not eating out, you can look at the myriad of vegetarian recipes on how to best cook your soy products. People who eat soy on a regular basis have a drastically lower risk of heart disease.

You can make the switch to a plant-based diet! Instead of looking at protein as an impossible luxury, check out the foods you have available to you. You may be surprised by the quality and taste of a plant-based diet.

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