How to Help Seniors Ease into Life at a Facility

When people make the difficult decision to relocate an aging family member into a facility, they hope that they are making the best choice for them. Still, the transition can be a difficult experience for seniors because it is a new way of living. To make living in an assisted living facility a better experience for them, you can make a couple of changes.

Research the Facility

Before you permanently move your loved one into a facility, you need to research them to see if it is the right fit. You can start by looking at the online reviews to gauge other people’s opinions on the facility. This is vital because some facilities are poorly run and may neglect their patrons. You will also want to look at the number of people living there. If you can, talk to their family members to get a more accurate reading on how the facility is. You should also go on a tour of the facility, if possible. While on the tour, pay attention to the amenities offered. Make sure to also observe the patron and staff interactions.  

Stay in Contact

Once your loved one is comfortably relocated into a facility, it is vital to their wellbeing for you to stay in contact with them. All too often, seniors in an assisted living facility are forgotten by their family members. This can be detrimental to their mood and overall health. Instead, frequent contact can help aging loved ones transition to an assisted living facility. Contact minimizes the feeling of isolation that can occur in a facility. Even a visit every other week can make a world of difference.

Bring a Piece of Home

Moving to a new place, regardless of where it is, can be difficult for anyone at any age. Your aging loved one might have a hard time leaving behind their home and most of their belongings. They are giving up everything they were used to. To aid this, you can decorate the room in the facility with pieces from their home. This could include family pictures or simple decorations that can make the space feel like home.   

Although their space may not be large in the assisted living facility, you can help your loved one enjoy their new home. This can only be accomplished with effort on your part to make sure they feel loved and will be taken care of. Once you cover all your bases, the senior in your life will be at peace in their new home.

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