How to Help Terminally Ill Loved Ones Feel More Comfortable

You have always given your loved ones the care that they need in the best way that you can. You have given of yourself in so many ways, from the love in your heart to all of the time you could spare. Now, in the twilight of your loved one’s life, there is much you can still do. These final weeks and months are all about keeping your loved one as comfortable as possible. 

Connect With Them

We never know when time spent with a loved one will be our last, but when a loved one is terminally ill, you know that time with them is short. This gives you the precious opportunity to set less important matters aside and focus on spending these last moments together. Your love and presence are the greatest sources of comfort you can offer. It can be hard to see the deterioration inherent in terminal illness, but try to push those feelings away and spend as much time as possible connecting with your loved one. Talk to them, ask questions about their life, try to stay positive, record their voice, and express your love. If conversing is no longer an option, there is great power in physical touch.

Keep Them Home With You

If your situation allows it, being able to stay at home might be one of the last best gifts you can give your loved one. Most terminally ill people prefer to stay at home as long as possible, where people and surroundings are familiar. One major deterrent to this is the inability to keep your loved one comfortable or provide for their increasing needs at home. Hospice can provide the medical care your loved one needs from the comfort of home. Additionally, hospice care at home may help extend a patient’s life.

Really Listen

When a loved one is dying, it is easy to be blindsided by grief and go into fix-it mode. However, your loved one is probably trying to find acceptance. Right now, they need you to really listen to their feelings and help advocate for what they truly want. Our love for the special people in our lives can sometimes lead us to push our own agenda. Find out what your loved one really wants, and put all of that pent-up emotion you feel into helping fulfill their wishes. 

Losing a loved one is like losing a piece of yourself. You should take the time and space you need to grieve. However, your main priority is keeping your loved one as comfortable as possible. You can do this by simply being there for them and getting them the care they need. 

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