How to Pay a Hospital Bill That Your Insurance Doesn’t Cover

There are many people who get home from the hospital only to be stuck with extremely high bills that their insurance wouldn’t cover. If you aren’t able to pay the hospital bill you have a few options. You can negotiate your bill, take legal recourse, look for misunderstandings, or apply for a loan. Each of these things can help you get through the tough situation that your insurance has put you in.

Negotiate Your Bill

You can negotiate your hospital bill and there aren’t many people that realize you can do this. You can talk with your insurance and healthcare providers and work with them. You could come up with an interest-free payment plan, a discount for immediate payment, or another solution that will help you pay your bills without being sent into deep debt that damages your credit. Many hospitals also have a financial assistance program that you can look into. Negotiating your bill is a good solution to paying a high bill that you can’t quite afford. Many people want to help you and all you need to do is talk to them to find out your options.

Take Legal Recourse

An option if you’ve been stuck with a medical bill you can’t pay is to hire a lawyer. Your lawyer can advocate for you and help you come to an agreement with your hospital. There are always going to be issues and mistakes and a lawyer can help you get through the medical issues without having to pay too much of your medical bill. You should look for a lawyer that is paid through a contingency fee, which is usually up to 40% of settlement. There are even medical bill advocates that will negotiate on your behalf. They are experts in medical billing and know what to look for in your bill. They can understand the costs and spot any potential errors. Finding a lawyer or a medical bill advocate would be a great option for you to pay off the medical bill that your insurance won’t cover.

Look for Misunderstandings

When you get your bill and find out that your insurance doesn’t cover the expense, then you should talk with the hospital and your insurance company. There are several kinds of misunderstandings and your insurance might actually cover more than they’re saying. For example, bundling your procedures. If you had a surgery and had a small procedure before the surgery, your insurance might have grouped both together as the primary procedure. However, they’re separate things and your insurance might cover one and they’re not telling you. Make sure you go through everything on your bill and make sure your insurance company is telling you everything you need to know. We’re all human and there will always be mistakes and misunderstandings. Human error is common, so talk with your hospital and insurance company to make sure you’re not being billed for more than you need to be.

Apply for a Loan

Applying for a loan should be your last resort, but it is an option. It’s still a better option than using all your credit cards. You will have to deal with the annual percentage rate, but it’s less interest than if you put the balance on your credit card. Putting the balance on your card could lead to a never-ending cycle of debt because of the high interest payments. This can have a negative effect on your credit score. A loan does have some downsides but will ultimately be cheaper than a credit card. There are many resources out there that will help you to find the right loan for your situation and help you resolve the problem.

Your insurance is supposed to protect you from having to go into debt or worry about your financial situation because of a health problem. There are a few options to consider if you are in a position where you need to pay a medical bill. You can negotiate your bill, take legal recourse, look for misunderstandings, or apply for a loan. Every situation is different but each of these things should be considered in order to help you through your medical bill problem.

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