Immunization Chart Kids (And Adults) Can Save On Their Phone

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Being a parent can be difficult, especially with how kids are these days always being on their phones zoned out of the world. Maybe it’s not such a bad thing though that our kids pick up and understand technology so well because it is becoming more and more useful to us. What could they possible be doing on there? Well they’re probably not worrying about their immunization records but they could probably find and download them online if you asked them to. Could you do that?

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An immunization chart kids can find and download online. How you ask? Well for kids it’s a lot simpler than in the past. For the past 10 years most medical records have become electronic. One of the benefits of electronic health records is they can be accessed online without having to go there in person. You can read our guide on how to access your medical records online here. Now with online access to your medical records you can sync them with a secure online storage option such as our multi-purpose PHR (personal health record platform) available on web and mobile here.

1.   Determine What Healthcare Provider Did the Immunization

The first step is knowing where and who did your child’s immunizations. This should be relatively simple as it is likely their main pediatrician. This seems simple but is important to be certain of. Without knowing the provider who did the immunization it will be difficult to locate the record.

2.   Establish A Patient Online Portal at that Provider

Many providers these days automatically give you access to a patient online portal that you can use to check your records and interact with them. Online patient portals are quickly becoming a cornerstone of electronic health records and giving patients access to records such as online immunization records. If the provider hasn’t already given you a patient portal to communicate with them and check your records, setting one up is often as easy as giving their front office a call and getting one setup with a unique login and password.

3.   Access the Patient Portal To Get My Immunization Records

The next step is to access the patient portal with your unique login credentials. Depending on the online portal provider, you can either have family members under one account or more often the case is each individual has their own unique login. Make sure you are accessing the correct patient account (such as your child’s) and login.

4.   Check Immunization Records Online Through Patient Portal

Now that you’re in the patient online portal, there will be a tab that corresponds to immunizations. When you click on this tab, boom, all the immunizations given to the patient who is logged in by that provider are now shown. You can look over these and often they have a printable immunization chart option available to printout. This can be handy when entering a new school, or signing up for summer camp as many child activities want a copy of your immunization records.

5.   Make Sure To Print And/Or Save The Records

Now that you know where to find, get, and access your immunization records online make sure you either print and file them, or save them in a secure online platform for easy reference. While printing is a good option, we really set out to save them on your phone and always have them with you. For this you need a secure online server that is designed to store medical records. We here at Medidex offer a platform to do just this, allowing you to save and access the immunization records online or on a phone. You can get more information about our platform and sign up here.
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At the end of the day it is relatively simple to access records online compared to getting paper records, which will require you to go to the office and sign some paperwork; and with an electronic copy it can easily be filed and saved. The advent of electronic health records is meant to make it easier to access our records as patients online (and our taxpayer dollars help pay for doctors to have these options!!). Why not utilize what our tax dollars pay for and begin accessing and saving our health history online. By getting our children to start accessing and storing their records from an early age, we can make sure to compile a comprehensive health history for them and make going to the doctor a little less painful and a lot more useful and convenient.


Simon Greenberg

Simon is a health tech enthusiast who believes information technology can bring major improvements in healthcare cost and quality. He is currently working on ways to improve how we can connect and interact with our healthcare system. You can find him on and .


  1. Wow! That was the nicest article I ever read because it helps a lot most specially for the busy moms like me who doesn’t have time to find immunization record and sometimes it really hard for me to remember where I kept it. Thanks for this article that really helps a lot.

    • No problem, got more articles and information similar to this coming soon about keeping tabs on your whole families health and medical records. Make sure to subscribe so you get the latest updates.

  2. This is a really useful site. I had no idea that ordinary people could access their medical records online,being able to keep track of children’s immunization records is wonderful..
    You have touched on an area of interest to many people who I am sure will be following up on your tips.
    I recently needed to get copies of some blood tests and it took me 4 trips to the medical clinic to get them It would have been so much easier online if only I had thought of it. I am now about to do some research and find out what is on my records online. Thank you for making us aware of the possibility of accessing these records. Is it possible for other people to check our records too? I would like to think there are stringent privacy systems in place.

    • Yes, every company that has your PHI or protected health information (even online) has rules and regulations they must follow to ensure safeguards of your information. While these make it difficult to access your own records sometimes, it makes it near impossible for others to access your records. That is why it’s important to get these things setup BEFORE you need that info.

      If you need more help or advice on finding your records online feel free to e-mail me at info@themedidex.com or subscribe to our Newsletter which will provide updated tips on tracks on connecting to digital health solutions and I can help if you have any additional questions. 

  3. What a helpful post! I am a single father and I always seem to have my hands full. I didn;t even know I could access these records myself.
    I must admit that I have always just relied on the doctors office for this kind of information. However it would be such a benefit to be able to simply get the record for myself.

    • Yea I totally agree. Glad you found it useful. Feel free to contact if you need help or have any further questions.

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