Major Public Health Issues Society Experiences Today

Our society as a whole faces many different public health issues as time marches on. These public health issues have shifted and changed overtime as the largest threats to the health of our society have shifted, but the public health issues of the day still remain serious issues that we must continue to fight. In order to protect yourself from the largest health risks, you have to remain aware of what they are and how you can best protect the health of yourself and your family. Here are three major public health issues that society experiences today and how you can handle them in your family.

Mental Health

The first major public health issue that is facing society today is mental health issues. From anxiety to depression, and even things like PTSD and other mental health disorders are on the rise, particularly amongst young teens and children. Mental health is a serious determinant towards you and your family’s happiness and life enjoyment. Make sure that you are looking out for signs of anxiety and depression in your life and your family, like signs of fatigue, poor mood, loss of interest in hobbies and interests, and irritability as signs of mental health disorders.


Another major public health issue that society is experiencing today is addiction across the board. Over the course of the covid-19 pandemic, rates of addiction and drug abuse rose throughout the world. Addiction can take a major toll on emotional, mental, and physical health. Even though illegal drugs get more attention, prescription drugs can also be addictive. Make sure that you keep your strong prescriptions, particularly opioid pain drugs, locked away in a medicine cabinet to avoid unwanted persons from gaining access. You can also flush your unneeded prescription painkillers down the toilet if you want to completely eliminate risk.


The final major public health issue that is facing society today is obesity. Obesity has been slowly rising around the globe and particularly here in the United States for decades, particularly amongst children. This is leading to much higher rates of chronic cardiovascular illness and diseases which decrease health in the population. The best way to fight against obesity is to participate in regular cardiovascular activity and to eat a healthy diet.

Health is one of the most important assets that you have available to you, and it is your job to protect it. Staying healthy in society means staying aware of the current health crises and how you can stay on to [p of them. Know these three public health issues that society faces today and how you can best avoid them.

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