Medidex Partners With Count It! Lock It! Drop It!: Medication Drop Box Finder now on MedManage app

CLD and Medidexa

Count It! Lock It! Drop It! drop box finder, a handy tool used to locate disposal locations for un-used medications (part of the CLD’s don’t be an accidental drug dealer campaign), is now available on the MedManage app (distributed by Medidex, Inc).

The process for properly getting rid of un-needed medications is often unclear and many people let these medications idle in their cabinets. This can be a dangerous recipe for expired medications or drug abuse, and it’s always a good idea to dispose of medications if they aren’t needed. To help people find proper medication disposal locations, CLD drop box finder allows you to search for the nearest drop off location (usually pharmacies or public service buildings). Now, doing this on your phone is easy as well with the MedManage app, just download the app and select Drop Box Finder from the menu to use the tool!

opioid disposal locations

Some other features of the MedManage app (available on Android and iOS) include:

  • a comprehensive personal medication list with directions and drug info
  • a medication calendar view
  • an electronic daily medication log
  • medication adherence charts and stats
  • medication disposal drop box finder

Coming soon:

  • family and caregiver cloud accounts for remote monitoring
  • alerts of missed doses

Make sure to download MedManage app today to start properly disposing of your medications!

Simon Greenberg

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