Stuff in Your Home That’s Making You Sick

Stuffy nose, scratchy throat, grogginess, fatigue, aches and pains, a headache. Next thing you know, you’re running up a fever, and there is no denying you are sick. It is winter, and that means that we are in the height of flu season, where germs are spreading fast, and you are more likely to come down ill. And while there is no way to protect yourself against sickness completely, you can keep your home clean and illness free. Here are three things in your home that might be making you sick, and what to do about them!

Your Walls

The first thing in your home that might be making you sick is your walls. Well, not exactly your walls, but if there is something like mold growing in them it will cause you to feel ill and come down sick. Mold can be incredibly dangerous, causing mild, allergy-like irritation, all the way to life threatening health conditions. You need to make sure that your home is mold free for a home that will keep you healthy. Have a mold inspection done and make sure that you perform all repairs that they suggest you do for optimal health.

Your Floors

The next thing in your home that might be making you sick is your floors, particularly carpeting in your home. Your floors get a lot of traffic, and if you are a shoes-on household, then your floors get even more exposure to dirt, debris, and mess from the outdoors. If you have a pet, it only gets worse. Dirty floors can collect dust and allergens and harm the health of those in your house. You need to clean your floors regularly and often to keep the dirt away and the allergens out of your home.

Your Air Filter

The final thing in your home that is making you sick is your dirty air filter. Your HVAC system is important for your home, it helps you control and regulate the temperature of your home and stay comfortable and safe year-round. But if you don’t regularly change your air filter, then you are opting to circulate germs, dirt, and dust around your home for everyone to breathe. This can easily lead to sickness and illness. Make sure that you follow your manufacturer’s instructions and replace your air filter regularly.

Your home should be a sanctuary against stress, business, and disease. But if you aren’t taking the proper steps, there are things in your home that may be making you and your family ill. Make sure that you tackle these three things in your home that might be making you sick for the healthiest household possible.

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