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In this day and age of constant connectivity to media, one crucial aspect often forgotten is staying connected to our health and bodies. With intuitive to use smartphones and growing popularity of Bluetooth connected devices, it is difficult (if not silly) to avoid staying connected. Here at Medidex we want to showcase the current news, advancements, and technology developments that will help you stay plugged in and take control of your health and wellness.

Our topics will range from internet services that help you find the best healthcare services, price comparison and transparency tools, wearable technology for monitoring your health, mobile and web applications to manage your health and wellness, and information about insurance. Through providing our readers an educational tool to stay current with this fact paced and cutting edge field, we hope to accelerate the improvement of healthcare quality and widespread use of healthcare tools for the digital age.

Simon Greenberg

Simon is a health tech enthusiast who believes information technology can bring major improvements in healthcare cost and quality. He is currently working on ways to improve how we can connect and interact with our healthcare system. You can find him on and .

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