What Causes People to Delay Medical Treatment?

Have you ever hesitated going to the doctor when you’ve had a health issue or question? Especially if you live in a country where healthcare is very expensive and health insurance is hard to access, this could be an unfortunate but common occurrence. Here are a few reasons why people delay their medical treatments.

Lack of Insurance or Funds

One of the most common reasons why people delay medical treatment or avoid visits to the doctor is because they have a lack of insurance or funds to pay for their health. If you have health insurance, your health treatments can be subsidized and decreased. However, health insurance can be quite expensive if you don’t have health insurance benefits from your employer. If health insurance just isn’t something that you think you can afford, you might be tempted to avoid the doctor since you won’t be able to pay for all of the suggested treatments or medications.

Fear and Anxiety

Another common reason why a lot of people delay their medical treatment is because they experience fear or anxiety when it comes to getting assistance with their healthcare. For example, you might avoid going to the dentist’s office because you get so anxious about the possibility of having cavities or infections. It’s perfectly normal to feel stress about a dental visit. However, you should try to find ways to combat your worries and stress surrounding your healthcare. For example, practice calming thinking or breathing. You can even talk to your dental hygienist about your worries so you can find certain procedures that will help you to feel calm.

Doctor Issues

People also avoid receiving medical treatment when they have issues with their doctor. If you don’t feel like you have a close, trusting relationship with your doctor, you might hesitate going to them when you have a health question or issue. Try to talk to your doctor about how you can improve your communication. If you feel like you need to find a new doctor, don’t delay making the switch. Find a new doctor and take better care of your health.

So, if you or someone that you know has been delaying your medical treatment, try to think about the reasons behind that decision. Remember that some of the most common reasons are lack of insurance or funds, fear or anxiety, and doctor issues. Don’t cause your health to suffer if you have a way to resolve these reasons. Moving forward with your medical treatments can help you to improve your quality of life.

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