What to Give Your Kids Instead of Sugary Drinks

Everyone loves to drink sugary drinks from time to time, especially kids. But if your kids are drinking sugary drinks regularly it can be bad for their teeth and their overall health. It is better to find alternatives to sugary drinks so your kids can make sure that they are protecting their teeth and health while still getting enough hydration to get them through the day.


It might not be exciting, but the first drink you should be thinking about for your kids is water. Hydration is important for everyone and it is especially important to help your kids establish a good habit for drinking water from as early as possible, once they are out of the infant stage. Helping your child to choose a water bottle of their own can be a good starting point to help them to get excited about drinking water. 


Milk is an important drink that many kids enjoy and that can help them get some necessary nutrients and calories, especially if your child is a picky eater. Calcium is critical for healthy bone development in children. Helping your child to drink milk on a daily basis can help you to ensure that they are developing strong bones and teeth that will lead them through life in a positive way without having to take additional calcium supplements.


Sometimes, your kids are going to want something sweet, and that’s okay. Juice can be a good option that is sweet and delicious but also helps your kids to get the nutrients they need out of their drinks. When you are choosing juice for your children, go for options that don’t have added sugar and are made from whole fruits. This can help you to ensure that you are getting the best nutritional value out of the juice in the end. Some juices can even be watered down for kids to make the juice go further and to ensure that your children aren’t getting too much sugar from the juice in a single serving.

When you are helping your kids to be healthy, you have to think about many different factors. Helping them to drink less sugary drinks is a good starting point that can help your kids to be healthier in an easy and manageable way. Then you can keep sugary drinks as a special treat on an occasional basis.

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