Why Kids Should Limit Their Soda Consumption

Soda can be a delicious treat for your children. Nothing is as refreshing as an ice-cold root beer float on a warm summer day. Not to mention that kids love the bubbly feeling that sodas can give. But soda is not something that your kids should be drinking without any limits. Your children may want to drink soda with every meal or as their go-to beverage, but this is a very bad idea. Here are three reasons why you should limit your kids’ soda consumption and ideas for alternatives they will love.

Sugar is Bad for Their Health

The first reason that your kids should limit their soda consumption is because sugar is bad for their health. Soda is jam packed with sugar; some sodas can contain nearly a full daily dose of sugar for your kids. This sugar can lead to all sorts of negative health consequences. First of all, sugar is incredibly calorie dense, which can cause your children to put on weight and suffer from cardiovascular health issues as a result. Overconsumption of sugars and soda can also contribute to high blood pressures, insulin resistance, and even the onset of diabetes.

It’s Bad for Their Teeth

Another major reason that you should watch their soda consumption is because it is bad for their teeth. Your kids’ teeth are important for their overall health, and the acids and sugars in soda almost seem designed to cause tooth decay. Drinking soda through a straw can reduce harm to your teeth. A straw can allow the soda to by-pass touching your children’s teeth, thus preventing most damage. The best solution, however, is to simply have your children drink less soda. You should also consider having your children brush their teeth shortly after drinking soda to wash away the sugars.

Less Hydrating Than Water

The final reason that your kids should limit their soda consumption when they can is because it is less hydrating than water. If soda Is your kid’s go to for hydration, then you should be concerned and take a pause. While the main ingredient in soda is carbonated water, which is hydrating, sodas can also contain sugars and caffeine, a diuretic. Water is the best alternative to water for healthy hydration.

Soda may taste great, but it is far from great for you. If your kids consume a lot of soda, you may want to help them scale it back a bit. Consider these three reasons that your kids should consume less soda and start finding healthy alternatives.

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