Why You Can’t Sleep Well Even When You’re Tired

Not being able to sleep well, especially when you are tired, gets very frustrating. Lack of sleep impacts your daily life through your energy levels and your ability to do your daily tasks. There may be many reasons behind your sleep problems, but here are just a few underlying causes to consider.

Health Issues

If you can’t sleep even when you’re tired, it could be due to health issues. For example, if your thyroid is overactive, a condition called hyperthyroidism, it makes it hard to sleep because your nervous system is being stimulated. Other health issues include mental health issues, chronic body pain, heart burn, kidney diseases, breathing difficulties, and more. Medications taken for health issues can also make it hard to get good sleep. Even stress and worry about your health issues can contribute to your inability to sleep well.  It could be useful to talk with your doctor to see how these issues can be mitigated.  

Your Mattress Doesn’t Work for You

Your mattress can put uncomfortable pressure on your body, making it hard for you to get good sleep quality. Switching your mattress could help you sleep better. A good mattress should be comfortable and promote spinal alignment. Memory foam mattresses are popular and have been shown to help decrease pain. Another kind of mattress is an air mattress, which uses changing pockets of air. In this way, air mattresses can prevent bedsores by shifting pressure points.


Your technology use before bed could be the reason you can’t sleep, even if you’re tired. This is because the bright blue lights from your phone, laptop, or tablet can disrupt the production of melatonin. Melatonin is a hormone that is produced when it is dark and tells the brain it is time to sleep. The light can also make you more alert by stimulating the brain. The information and activities on the devices can also add to the stimulation of the brain by flooding it with information and thoughts. To help you sleep better, it may be a good idea to put away the technology a couple hours before bed, so your brain has the time to unwind and slow down.  

There may be many reasons behind why you can’t sleep well. If you’re trying on your own but seeing no progress, get the help of a professional to check if you have a full-blown sleep disorder. No matter what it takes, getting a good night’s sleep is too important to give up!

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