Can I Use CBD Oil When Operating a Vehicle?

Deciding whether you are suitable to drive after taking CBD oil does not have a simple yes or no answer. There are many factors to consider, such as how much CBD you took, the laws of the community where you live, and how CBD affects you individually. As with anything, you should always exercise your best judgment in decision-making. Here are some useful tips below regarding how to determine when it’s okay to drive while using CBD oil.

Look Up Local Laws

Because of the federal system (federal, state, and local governments that often overlap each other), the laws regarding CBD vary from state to state and even locally from district to district. Many jurisdictions have totally legalized CBD oil for all purposes, others limit the possession and use to prescription only, and others still totally ban CBD oil. Laws are changing fast, though, in favor of legalization as the benefits of CBD become clearer. In the future, anyone in the US will likely no longer need to worry about CBD’s legal status. In the meantime, though, always keep informed of local laws regarding CBD.

Understanding CBD in the Body

Unlike the whole flowers of the cannabis plant that are often smoked, CBD oil does not contain any significant amounts of THC, the compound responsible for the “high” of marijuana. Therefore, there is little to no intoxicating effects of taking CBD oil. In fact, it is safe in certain situations to give to children battling cancer or seizures for this reason. Another important factor to consider is that, even though CBD oil does not create a high, the tiny amount of THC found in the oil can sometimes trigger a positive results on a urine test. This could be a concern for anyone probation or who is seeking employment.

Negative Side Effects

Even though CBD is incredibly safe, some people report negative side effects. Dizziness and nausea are two of the most common. It’s important to determine the effect CBD has on your body before operating a vehicle under its influence. Start out with smaller doses in a safe environment at home, establish your threshold of tolerance, and then once you understand your body’s reaction you can begin driving.

It’s important to follow these safety tips regarding driving while taking CBD. By doing so, you’ll avoid the most serious complications associated with combining the two activities. Gather all the information you can and enjoy feeling relief from the pain you’ve felt.

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