CAFCIT® Injection (caffeine citrate injection, USP) for intravenous administration is a clear, colorless, sterile, non-pyrogenic, preservative-free, aqueous solution adjusted to pH 4.7. Each mL contains 20 mg caffeine citrate (equivalent to 10 mg of caffeine base) prepared in solution by… Continue Reading

Calcium Disodium Versenate

Calcium Disodium Versenate (edetate calcium disodium injection, USP) is a sterile, injectable, chelating agent in concentrated solution for intravenous infusion or intramuscular injection. Each 5 ml ampul contains 1000 mg of edetate calcium disodium (equivalent to 200 mg/ml) in water… Continue Reading


Cholic acid is a bile acid produced by the liver where it is synthesized from cholesterol. The chemical formula is CHO, the molecular weight is 408.57 and the chemical structure is: Cholic acid is a white to off-white powder. It… Continue Reading


Celecoxib is chemically designated as 4-[5-(4-methylphenyl)- 3-(trifluoromethyl)-1H-pyrazol-1-yl] benzenesulfonamide and is a diaryl-substituted pyrazole. The empirical formula is CHFNOS, and the molecular weight is 381.38; the chemical structure is as follows: Celecoxib oral capsules contain either 50 mg, 100 mg, 200… Continue Reading


Cystadane (betaine anhydrous for oral solution) is an agent for the treatment of homocystinuria.  It contains no ingredients other than anhydrous betaine. Cystadane is a white, granular, hygroscopic powder, which is diluted in water and administered orally.  The chemical name… Continue Reading


Cleviprex is a sterile, milky-white emulsion containing 0.5 mg/mL of clevidipine suitable for intravenous administration. Clevidipine is a dihydropyridine calcium channel blocker. Chemically, the active substance, clevidipine, is butyroxymethyl methyl 4-(2´,3´-dichlorophenyl)-1,4-dihydro-2,6-dimethyl-3,5-pyridinedicarboxylate. It is a racemic mixture with a molecular weight… Continue Reading

Cardizem LA

CARDIZEM LA (diltiazem hydrochloride) is a calcium ion cellular influx inhibitor (slow channel blocker or calcium antagonist). Chemically, diltiazem hydrochloride is 1,5-benzothiazepin-4(5)-one, 3-(acetyloxy)-5-[2-(dimethylamino)ethyl]-2,3-dihydro-2-(4-methoxyphenyl)-, monohydrochloride, (+)–. The structural formula is: Diltiazem hydrochloride is a white to off-white crystalline powder with a… Continue Reading


Ciferex is an orally administered prescription Vitamin for the dietary management of patients with unique nutritional needs requiring increased folate levels, Vitamin D supplementation due to Vitamin D deficiency and other nutritional supplementation. Ciferex should be administered under the supervision of… Continue Reading


Hydrocortisone is a white to practically white, odorless, crystalline powder, very slightly soluble in water. It has the chemical name Pregn-4-ene-3,20-dione, 11,17,21-trihydroxy-,(11)- and the following structural formula: Colocort® is a convenient disposable single-dose hydrocortisone enema designed for ease of self-administration.… Continue Reading