Common Household Dangers That Parents Need to Mitigate

Parenting small children can be a difficult and daunting task, as there are numerous hazards lurking in the home which can cause serious injuries. From falls to choking to burns, parents must take the necessary steps to protect their little ones from harm.  By understanding these three potential dangers and taking proactive measures to prevent them, parents can create an environment where their kids will feel safe and secure.


Falls are a common injury to babies and toddlers. Parents should make sure the home is safe so their baby or toddler doesn’t get hurt. They can do this by making sure there aren’t things on the floor that could trip them, as well by putting safety gates in places like stairs so they can’t fall down them. Additionally, furniture should be securely attached to the wall and cabinets should have childproof locks. Finally, watch out for sharp obstacles like kitchen countertop corners a waddling child might run into.


One of the most common causes of choking are small objects and food that can easily be swallowed and become lodged in their throat. Parents must ensure that all toys, especially those given to babies and toddlers, are larger than the size of a toilet paper roll tube to prevent them from being swallowed. It is also important to check for strangling hazards such as low-hanging blind chords. Be sure to shorten the chords and move the crib away from them to protect your child from choking.


Burns can be dangerous for young children. Parents should take steps to prevent them from getting burned, like keeping hot liquids away from where your child can reach them. If your child wants to be involved in cooking or baking, make sure things like pans on the stove and oven are not too hot for your little one to touch.  It’s important to teach your child early on about the potential dangers of the kitchen appliances, so be diligent in teaching and watching out for them there.

It’s important to be aware of the dangers that exist in and around your home, so you can take steps to prevent them. Children are curious by nature and will explore their environment, often putting themselves in harm’s way. By taking some simple precautions and being prepared for accidents, you can ensure that your child grows up happy and healthy.

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