Common Materials Used to Create Medical Tools

For most people who aren’t directly involved in the medical field, medical tools can feel like a mystery they don’t quite understand. Knowing a little about what goes into the tools doctors and other medical professionals use can help people to better understand their role and how they fulfill it in medical settings. There are many materials that can be used for medical purposes but these are a few of the most common.


You might be surprised at how often plastic is used to create medical tools. From syringes to implants and even hospital beds, plastic is an important material that helps the medical world run efficiently. Plastic is great for medical situations because it can be used in a variety of different ways and molded to serve various purposes. Since plastic is so versatile, it is present in many more medical tools than you might think. And without plastic, it would be difficult for the medical world to function appropriately.


Metal is often used in medical tools as well and it is used in a huge number of ways. Different metals can serve various purposes and work well in different situations. From copper to steel, metal tools help to save lives in medical centers every day. Metal can be used for scalpels and other cutting implements as well as for certain implants and other medical or even dental elements. Many types of metals are used to create dental crowns.

Cloth and Paper

It is also important that temporary medical materials are made of cloth or paper. Especially things like bandages need to be soft and pliable and are used only once. For these kinds of tools, you need something that can be more easily disposed of while also kept sanitary until use. Cotton is a common product used in things like bandages and even the sheets that are on many hospital beds and hospital gowns as well. These materials make it easier for people to be comfortable when they are in a medical setting and to keep wounds clean and safe.

Medical technology has come a long way over the last few decades and even the last few years. New uses are constantly being found for various materials and those applications make medical situations safer for everyone involved. As scientists work to make it easier and safer to care for patients, they also work to improve the tools that make it possible.

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