Conditions That Can Flare Up During the Winter

Winter weather is something special. Snow on the ground, trees bare, and cold weather making you bundle up lead to a cozy and comfortable vibe that no other season captures. But there are a few bad things about the winter. Namely, the winter weather can cause lots of conditions to flare up, adding some extra health care to your plate. Here are a few common conditions that might cause you a flare up during the wintertime this year. 

Mental Health Conditions

There are a lot of reasons why the winter weather can cause flare ups of mental health issues. Cold weather often means that we go outside less, which can make some people feel more depressed, or anxious than they typically would during warmest months. The sun is also out less which can lead to decreased amounts of vitamin D, which can also cause some increases in depression and anxiety in people. Being aware of your winter related mental health flare ups can help you be prepared for them when they come and know how to deal with them. Make sure you stay social and see your friends if you can, this can help relieve some mental health issues. Try to get regular exercise and consider a vitamin D supplement to replace the sunlight. 

Skin Conditions

Cold and dry weather that comes with the winter can be a major cause of skin condition flare ups. If you suffer from eczema, particularly atopic dermatitis, then you should be aware of the increased risks of winter weather and prepare with lots of lotions and creams. Atopic dermatitis can lead to debilitating symptoms. So it is vitally important to stay on top of your skin health during the winter months and do your best to prevent issues before they come up. 


If you suffer from asthma, then you may not be surprised to find out that your symptoms can get worse during the winter months. Cold and dry winter air can irritate your airways and make them more sensitive and reactive to irritants that cause asthma symptoms. Try to avoid outdoor exercise during the cold winter months, and wear a scarf over your mouth and nose to keep your airways warm to avoid any unnecessary irritation. 

Winter is one of the loveliest times of the year. But it can be a challenge for people with weather related conditions. If you have any of these common conditions, then know that you may have flare ups during the winter months. Plan and head and be ready to mitigate your symptoms so that you can enjoy the winter months to the fullest.

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