Factors That Can Affect How Your Pregnancy Goes

Being pregnant is an exciting time that involves a lot of planning and preparation. And every pregnancy is going to come with some challenges to your health that will impact how you feel and function over those 9 months. 

Understanding what will impact your pregnancy can help you to make better choices and improve your health so your pregnancy can be as comfortable as possible.

Your Age and Health

No one starts their pregnancy with an empty slate, so the way your health is before getting pregnant will directly impact the pregnancy you have. Any underlying health conditions can make it more difficult for you to manage your pregnancy and may be impacted by the pregnancy itself. 

Additionally, your age when you become pregnant will also impact your ability to have children and the way you feel during pregnancy. It’s important to make sure you understand how your existing health conditions will impact your pregnancy so you can plan appropriately.

Your Diet

The food you eat during your pregnancy can also impact your health and the health of your baby. When you are pregnant, it is important to make sure that you are getting enough calories and nutrients in your diet. If you aren’t, you might have to supplement and even receive IV Iron to make sure you are as healthy as possible. 

Choosing foods that help you to feel good and satisfied will help you to have a better experience. You should avoid fatty and processed meats in favor of lean options.

Your Lifestyle

The way you live your life will also impact your pregnancy and the health of your child. There is no one right lifestyle that you need when you are pregnant, but there are a few different lifestyle changes that you may need to make. Stopping drinking and smoking can help you to have a more successful pregnancy and protect the health of your baby. It is also important to make sure that you are taking time to get outside and do a little bit of physical activity. This will keep you feeling good and make your pregnancy easier.

Every pregnancy is different, but the individualized factors you bring to the table can also make an impact. When you have a good understanding of your health and choices, you can make better choices during your pregnancy. And that gives you the chance to make sure that you have an amazing experience.

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