How to Alleviate Tooth Pain When a Dentist is Out of Reach

Tooth pain can be obnoxious at best and crippling at worst. If a moment of tooth pain coincides with the circumstances of a dentist being out of reach, you are going to need to find some home remedies. Here are some of the most tried-and-true techniques that can help you deal with the pain.

Ice the Area

More extreme temperatures have been a tactic for dealing with pain for a long time. While it might not be very helpful for someone with extreme, visceral pain, it can be quite effective for aching and burning sensations. Icing your aching tooth will help to numb it. While it might be a bit of a chore, icing the tooth constantly until you can get proper help is a great way you can deal with your toothache temporarily. 

While some forms of pain can also be helped by using warmers or hot water bottles, the numbing effect that ice has is usually superior for teeth – although you’re welcome to try whatever you want.

Rinse Your Mouth

Some sources of tooth pain will be exacerbated by other substances in your mouth. These are the cases when the nerve is exposed – when your tooth is chipped, or you have a cavity, or you’re suffering from an infection. After you eat or drink (if you are able to) always rinse out your mouth. 

Normal water can be helpful for removing other substances. But you can also rinse with other solutions in order to combat the pain. A simple warm saltwater mix can alleviate tooth soreness. It also can slightly disinfect the area.

Non-Prescription Medication

Your local pharmacy will have numerous medications that can be helpful in a toothache emergency. Of course, if you find yourself unable to see a dentist, you may also be in a situation where a pharmacy is unavailable. But in the situation where it is available, you should definitely take advantage of it. There are many kinds of medication that can help you deal with your pain and also don’t require prescriptions. Ibuprofen, Aspirin, Acetaminophen, and others can all help. Some address inflammation and some address pain – so look into the drug that you are buying to make sure that it will help you.

The Internet is a great resource that you should use in these situations. If none of the options listed here work for you, you should use the vast wealth of knowledge at your fingertips to find what you need. You just need to hold out until you can get into a dentist’s office.

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