How Do I Deal With Life-Changing Injuries?

Change in some form is always occurring, and some changes can be incredibly difficult. For example, a simple car wreck can lead to a back or brain injury that will affect you for the rest of your days. Learning to live a new normal can feel impossible. Here are some tips to make the transition easier.

Understand That Things Will Be Different

Directly after an injuring event, you will be extremely shaken up. It will be hard to know what’s temporary and what’s permanent. This personal injury lawyer acknowledges that you probably will be in pain; you may experience fear, worry, and anxiety, and all you’ll want is for things to go back to normal as they fall apart. During this time, work hard to reach out to friends and family for support. You will need people to talk to and commiserate with. Don’t go on Facebook and post vague updates about how you’re struggling. Set appointments to get together with friends and family who you trust. Let them help you build a new normal.

Understand That the Initial Injury May Morph

In the case of a brain injury, remember that the symptoms may change. Get as much rest as possible, and try to avoid additional jolts to your body as this may exacerbate the injury. Over time, you may notice vision problems or memory changes or lose your ability to focus as you once did. Some people find that their equilibrium is impaired. Work consistently with your physicians to make sure that your brain heals as much as it can, and keep the case open to avoid limiting your insurance compensation if the injury is permanent.

Seek Therapy

According to this therapist, you may be angry or depressed after a traumatic injury (especially if it’s a brain injury). When it comes to a life-changing injury, your feelings are valid. However, anger and depression are not emotions that you want to take over your life.  It’s critical that you engage in all the rehab therapy you can to gain as much strength back as possible and learn to live in your current environment. It’s also critical that you seek professional help to handle your anger and dark feelings about the injury and whatever limitations it’s placed on your life moving forward. Your future will be different, but you still can have one.

Open Yourself Up

It may be hard to see now, but good can come of a life-changing injury. If you survived a dreadful event, you have the chance to move forward and act upon the world in a positive way. This may be hard to see, particularly if you have to make major changes to what you thought your future would be. For example, if you were a dedicated athlete but are now in a wheelchair, your ability to participate in sports doesn’t have to end, but it will have to change. You will have to learn new skills and meet new people to participate in a new range of sports.

We all plan our futures with each action we take every day. A life-changing injury may mean that you have to change that future, and you may go through a period of mourning for what you thought your life would be. However, with the right help, you can still live a happy and fulfilling life after your injury.

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