How Natural Elements Are Used in the Field of Medicine

A brief overview of human history shows the many ways man has found how to survive. Medical research is fascinated by treatments used long ago to help sick or injured individuals. One thing that tends to be in common is the elements they use to do so. As technology develops, they are able to combine their knowledge with already existing elements to make new discoveries about preserving human life. Natural elements like radioactive materials, precious metals, and items that contain antibiotic properties are crucial in the developments made in the field of medicine.

Radioactive Elements

Radioactive materials can be helpful in diagnosing and treating illnesses. Radioactive elements are also extremely helpful in medical research. According to the U.S. NRC, approximately one-third of patients admitted to hospitals are diagnosed or treated by machines and materials that use radioactive elements. Treatments may include killing cancerous tissue, shrinking a tumor, or reducing pain. The NRC is careful about all radioactive use and ensures that treatments are used properly and safely. As technology improves the uses for radioactivity continue to expand.

Precious Metals

Precious metals like silver, gold, and platinum are also used in medicine to help with medical treatments. These metals are particularly useful because they can suit a number of medical needs. According to CrownBuyers, precious metals such as gold and silver are used in dental implants. They can also be used to help with imaging, cancer treatments, implants, and so much more. Precious metals have a lot of potential to continue influencing the medical industry and the advancements professionals make.

Items that Antibiotic Properties

There are a variety of natural elements that contain antibiotic properties. For example, silver is often used in the manufacturing of antibiotic treatments, topical or otherwise to help prevent the spread of bacteria. This option is especially attractive when chemical treatments prove ineffective. Essential oils, herbal remedies, myrrh, and garlic extract, in addition to honey, can also act as natural antibiotic treatments because of the various properties those elements contain. Antibiotics derived from natural sources tend to be the safest and most effective way of killing or inhibiting bacteria growth.

Humans have been taking care of each other for thousands of years. It is the natural elements that humans use that keep them alive, not necessarily the development of technology. Natural elements still used in the field of medicine today include radioactive elements, precious metals, and items containing antibiotic properties.

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