How to Do Your Part to Slow COVID-19 Infection Rates in Your Area

COVID-19 has hit the world with a panic. The news reports are troubling and the number of cases for COVID-19 continue to rise in number. All this isn’t new. But what can you do to reduce the spread and flatten the curve? There is still a concern that hospitals will reach full carrying capacity due to the number of cases, which is why it’s important for everyone to do their part to slow COVID-19 infection rates in your area.

Avoid Large Crowds Indoors

One of the things you should do is avoid large crowds indoors. In crowded indoor areas, it is harder to maintain social distancing guidelines of standing six feet apart. And while you should wear a mask, you are still in close contact with dozens of other people who may have the virus and not know it. If you can avoid going to indoor spaces where there will be large crowds, you should. For this reason, many concerts, plays and recitals have been cancelled for the foreseeable future until it is deemed safe to gather in public again.

Wear a Mask

Wearing a mask will also help you do your part to slow the spread of COVID-19. Respiratory droplets can be spread through coughing, breathing or sneezing. Wearing a mask prevents those droplets from contacting anyone else’s skin. While wearing a mask does not provide complete protection from the virus, it has been shown to slow the spread. There are many different kinds of masks, from disposable one-use masks to custom-made cloth masks that can be washed and reused. Whatever type of mask you choose, it is imperative to wear a mask when you go out in public to protect others.

Practice Good Hygiene

Another way to slow the spread is to practice good hygiene. Washing your hands frequently and sanitizing frequently touched objects can help slow the spread because the virus can live on surfaces for days at a time. Sanitizing them doesn’t take much of your time, but it is an important step to slow the spread. You should also avoid touching your face. Practicing good hygiene will help you slow the spread of the virus.

Slowing the spread requires all of us to stay strong together. You may not think that the little efforts you do matter, but they will. Every effort matters in this fight against the virus.

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