How to Prevent Child Injuries at Home

Are you trying to make your home more safe and childproof? You likely want your home to be safe once you’re bringing your newborn home from the hospital, but this is even more important once you have a mobile, crawling baby. Here are a few tips that will help you to prevent child injuries at home. 

Use Baby Gates

First, you can prevent a lot of child injuries at home by using baby gates. You can put baby gates in doorways, stairways, and other home openings to keep your baby from wandering into an unsafe area. For example, you can put a baby gate in front of your kitchen so your baby doesn’t wander into an area that isn’t babyproof. 

You should also likely add a baby gate in front of any stairs that you have. This can also be functional and helpful if you have pets at home that might be a little overly excited around your small baby. Keeping your pets at bay will help you to protect your baby until your pets know how to act around a new, small baby. 

Remove Hazards

Next, make sure that you remove any hazards from your home that could make it unsafe for children. Cover any sharp or potentially dangerous objects, even if that includes putting padding on corners of tables or countertops. Make sure that choking hazards and other risky objects are kept securely out of reach. 

Put child locks on any drawers or compartments that you don’t want to be opened, especially if they have something that a small child would find particularly interesting, like a bunch of sharpies. Securing the cords on your blinds helps prevent children from grabbing them. Additionally, it can be helpful to make sure that your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are fully charged and working. These measures can help make your home more childproof and help you to avoid child injuries (or mischief). 

Keep the Floors Clean

Finally, make sure that you’re keeping your floors clean once you have a crawling baby or small toddler at home. These young children are often so curious about things that they find as they’re crawling around, and will often stick them in their mouth. This can be a huge choking hazard, especially since you can’t always tell when your baby has something in their mouth. So, to make your home safer, ensure that you’re regularly checking your floor for fallen objects, and try to vacuum and clean regularly to keep your baby from finding something dangerous on the floor.

So, if you’re trying to make your home safe and prevent child injuries, remember these tips. Make sure that you use baby gates, remove hazards, and keep the floor clean of any dangerous objects. This will help you to feel more at ease having small, roaming children in your home.

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