How to Protect Your Senses as You Get Older

Have you noticed that some of your physical functions, such as your senses, have started to change as you’ve gotten older? Maybe you’ve felt frustrated as it has become more difficult to see clearly or hear accurately. If so, here are a few tips that will help you to protect your senses as you age over time.


You’ll probably notice that your eyesight is changing as you get older. All of the sudden, it might become more difficult to read small text, and you might need to get reading glasses. However, you can prevent your eyesight from deteriorating even further by implementing these health practices. Make sure that you get enough sleep so your eyes are healthy and lubricated. A lack of sleep can irritate your eyes and vision. It is also good to get some exercise consistently because that can help the blood flow and improve your vision. Use sunglasses if you’re going to be outside for long periods of time. You also might be able to get surgery to correct your vision, such as refractive surgery. Make sure to talk to your doctor to see what options are available to you.

Your Hearing

It is also important to protect your sense of hearing as you get older. One of the most common issues that people run into as they age is that their hearing deteriorates. This can be frustrating if you feel like you can’t communicate properly due to your loss of hearing. To protect your hearing, be aware of loud sounds around you and wear protective headphones or earplugs to prevent damage or irritation. For example, you shouldn’t discount the risk that noise exposure poses to your health at your workplace. It can also be helpful to wear hearing aids as it becomes harder to hear sounds around you.

Your Taste

Perhaps you’re not worried about losing your sense of taste, but as you age, certain medical conditions can actually damage your sense of taste. If you experience bowel disease, high blood pressure, or dry mouth symptoms, you could be at risk of losing your sense of taste. You can combat a loss of taste by adding stronger flavors to your diet. Don’t feel like you have to oversalt everything, since having a lot of sodium won’t be helpful to your diet. Instead, add stronger flavors such as garlic, citrus, and sharp cheese.

So, whether you’ve already started losing some of your senses or whether you’re trying to prevent these future issues, remember to keep these tips in mind. You’ll likely have some loss of vision, hearing, and taste as you grow older, but if you implement these healthy habits you can combat that loss. This will help you to live happier and healthier as you age.

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