Immediate Benefits of Eating a Healthier Diet

Eating a healthy diet has a number of long-term benefits like reduced risk for cancer, improved cardiovascular health, reduced risk for diabetes, and stroke. You don’t have to wait a long time to experience the other benefits of eating healthier. There are plenty of short-term benefits to eating healthy that make it well worth it.

More Energy

One immediate benefit of eating healthier is having more energy. Carbohydrates give your body an immediate boost of energy. Complex carbs like vegetables, whole grains, and beans also have additional health benefits. It is good to mix your carbs with lean protein because protein slows the absorption of carbs which helps your body regulate energy. Other foods rich in antioxidants also provide a boost of energy, like melons, blueberries, nuts, and tomatoes.

Healthier Bowel Movements

Another benefit of eating better is healthier bowel movements. Fiber helps in this area, and there are lots of healthy foods that contain plenty of fiber. Apples are high in fiber as well as pectin, a natural laxative. In addition to being high in Vitamin A, prunes also have sorbitol, a sugar alcohol that draws water into your intestines. Flax seeds, which can be sprinkled on yogurt, soups, shakes, and more, promote healthy digestion through their high fiber content. Drinking more water, an important part of a healthy diet, can also help. Improved bowel movements can reduce your risk for hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoids can lead to unpleasant symptoms which can be prevented by eating more fiber.

Improves Mood

Eating healthier can also improve your mood. Eating a good amount of protein helps your body produce dopamine, which activates pleasure senses in the brain and also improves your concentration. In order for your brain to produce serotonin, a chemical associated with mood improvement and a decrease in anxiety, it needs Vitamin B and the amino acid tryptophan. Foods high in these things include chocolate, dairy, oats, and seeds. Foods that are high in sugar run through your system quickly, causing your blood sugar levels to crash, leaving you feeling tired and irritable. The right foods can help you feel better and be less stressed

Eating healthier has a wide variety of benefits. From feeling better to having more energy, the short-term benefits of eating well keep your body in sync. Healthy eating improves your health and helps you lead a happier life.

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