Is My Doctor Giving Me Too Many Prescription Drugs?

Prescription drugs have been a godsend of medical science, having unquestionably saved millions of lives and improved the quality of life for millions more. That is not to say they are without their problems. Prescription drug abuse is rampant in America, and far too many people suffer from the negative effects of having prescription drugs being inappropriately combined. It is absolutely worth asking whether or not your doctor is giving you too many prescription drugs. Here are some things you can do to see if this is the case.

Second Opinion

There is never any harm in getting a second opinion. Doctors are wonderful professionals, but it happens: They are sometimes wrong. The benefit of a second opinion is that it can give you an outside perspective on what drugs you are on, what potential problems there may be and if there are any pitfalls. When you go for your second opinion, be prepared. Have a list of drugs you are on and the conditions they are being used for. Make sure to know, as best you can, what specific concerns you have about the drugs you are taking.

Normal Amount

Statistics say that about 85% of people over the age of 60 use prescriptions. This means that there are quite a lot of prescription drugs out there. As such, you should try to find out what the normal amount of a drug you have been prescribed is. That information is often available right on the label and will help you determine if treatment alternatives are available.

Do Your Own Research

Thanks to the internet, there is a slew of websites available that can give you information about the drugs you are taking. This includes popular health sites as well as the page of the company which produces the drugs you are taking. Check out these pages to determine standard doses, potentially negative interactions and negative side effects.

Keep this in mind, however: You are not a doctor. The research you do can be helpful, but don’t confuse using medical websites with medical expertise. Instead, use the information you find to bring your concerns to the attention of your doctor and ask for more advice. While medicine is a highly specialized and skilled science, that doesn’t mean you are powerless in how it is practiced in your life. Take these steps above to make sure that the medicine you are being given is appropriate and that there are not healthier and safer alternatives.

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