What to Do if You’re Having Fertility Issues

Fertility issues can be difficult to talk about. They are not something seen as common, so sometimes they can be stigmatized or misunderstood. Going through fertility issues can be quite hard – emotionally and logistically. Here are some solutions you can look into.

Try Fertility Treatments

There are many kinds of different fertility treatments that range widely in their technique and their level of invasiveness. Fertility drugs – most commonly being Clomiphene or gonadotropins – can manipulate the hormones that are relevant to fertility cycles and can activate the release of eggs during ovulation. If you have internal, or physical issues (often because of genetics), like a buildup of tissue in the ovaries, then surgery is a possible solution you can consider. Intrauterine insemination and in-vitro fertilization are techniques where a specialist will target an egg with the proper tools to try and inseminate it – both inside and outside the mother’s body, respectively. See a fertility specialist to find out which option is best for you.

Look into Adoption

Adoption is always a good choice, although it can be a long, difficult, and frustrating process. Many children in the world have a deep need for unconditionally loving parents who will provide. First, you need to do a lot of paperwork. That will include proof that you are financially, mentally, and physically capable of caring for a child. You need to decide on exactly which avenue of adoption you’re going to take. International adoptions require more steps than domestic adoption, but it might be the right choice for you to make. It will cost a decent amount of money, and even after lots of time and effort, you might find yourself being rejected. Don’t give up!


One of the most advanced and expensive options for people that want a genetic child but cannot conceive is surrogacy. Essentially, surrogacy is the process where an egg and sperm will be combined via in-vitro fertilization in a lab and then placed inside of a paid surrogate who will become pregnant and carry the baby to term. Hiring an agency to find the surrogate can be tens of thousands of dollars, since a surrogate must be up to high standards, medically and otherwise.

Fertility issues are a significant struggle for many reasons. It’s easy to feel alone and depressed when trying to conceive a child and being unable to. Know your options – because there are always options. It may take time, money, effort, and patience, but you will be successful if you don’t give up.

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