What to Know About Using Medication to Help Manage Your Depression

Mental illness is something that many Americans deal with. The symptoms can range from manageable to debilitating. If you are someone that deals with depression frequently, there is help that you can utilize. Therapy is beneficial, but many mental health professionals feel that medication is a good way to help complement the therapies that are being used. There are some things you should know before starting a medication for your depression.

Common Kinds

A variety of different medications are used for depression. The source of your depression usually determines what kind of medication you will be prescribed. If you’re dealing with depression from a chemical imbalance, an SSRI may be prescribed by your doctor. Other medications can target depression that is being caused by anxiety. This would include something like Xanax or Clonazepam. Of course, as depression can affect anyone, there are a number of different treatments for different people.

Minimizing Side Effects

Medications that treat depression can be very strong. They often come with side effects that you’ll notice right away. Because depression is typically caused by a disruption of hormones in the brain, these medications target the brain and hormones. You could experience extreme fatigue, insomnia, lack of appetite, feeling jittery or blood pressure changes. It’s important that you report any side effects you experience to your doctor. They can let you know if what you’re feeling is normal.


Certain antidepressants can cause addiction. Before you start taking a specific medication, you can talk to your doctor about the long term risks that are associated with that drug. It is then up to you to weigh the options of taking the medication. You can always ask for something else if you feel like addiction would be a risk. Some people are more prone to addiction than others. An addictive personality may make you more reluctant to try a medication for your depression. There may be a safer option for you.

Depression isn’t something that you need to suffer through alone. Whatever the reason for your depression, there are people in the world that are ready to help you. You can start by talking to your doctor about what you’re feeling. They can help point you in the right direction of treatment. Your primary care physician can prescribe a medication for you. A licensed psychologist can also provide you with medication.

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