How to Keep Your Physical, Mental, and Sexual Health Balanced and in Control

The truth is that maintaining all aspects of your health is sometimes a challenge. We can become complacent in terms of doing what we need to do to keep ourselves whole and well.

Our physical, mental, and sexual health are closely linked together—any deterioration in one will cause similar effects in the others. That’s why keeping yourself well in all three categories is crucial. Here are some top ways to keep yourself balanced.

Physical Health

As many cultural traditions teach us, our bodies are our temples. What we do physically has manifestations in the mental, sexual, and spiritual realms as well. To keep your physical health, focus on a diet that consists of as many whole foods, mainly vegetables and fruits, as possible. Exercise regularly, even simply by walking. Get plenty of sleep—at least seven hours a night.

Mental Health

As Americans, our mental health is not in the best shape. According to Float House, we are world leaders in depression and anxiety. Stress, feeling disconnected from communities, and the digital space are all factors that contribute to our declining mental health. To help with your own mental health, get outside and get involved in the community. Join a group or club with a focus on an interest that you share such as sports, woodworking, or book clubs. Feed your mind a good mental diet – lots of books, creative thinking, and active creation.

Sexual Health

Another important aspect of our health that has suffered in recent decades has been our sexual health. This is because, too often, we have sacrificed our sexual fulfillment in the pursuit of other goals like building a career. As humans, according to Alejandra Chayet Counseling, we crave connection with people but also desire security and freedom, which can make intimacy within a relationship challenging. We are often told, incorrectly, that succeeding in our careers means sacrificing our sexual relationship, and vice versa. This is not true. You can learn how to manage all aspects of your life and integrate them into a system that works for you.

Help yourself become whole again by repairing each of these three important components of health. We are all capable of living better, more integrated, more fulfilled lives; it just takes a little bit of planning and a bit of effort to make our goals come true.

Simon Greenberg

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